So folks....we have been in KS for a few years and had some interesting experiences but here is one to add to the chapters of fun. We messaged a couple and eventually met for a drink. She was very buxom, chatty and outgoing. Her husband not so much but still, nodded and consented to all discussion around fun ....... so we arranged a play date and the day arrived. It ended up with me the lucky husband being pleasured by 2 gorgeous ladies. One being my stunning hot wife and the other our very beautiful and breastful lady, who had a cheeky smile, loved to suck cock and liked to see cum on her tits. My beautiful wife and her spent a little while kissing and caressing each other which only added to the fun.

A few weeks later we met up again. A few outfits were tried on, we took some pics....the ladies played a little and again I got to pleasure both their pretty pussies, and my wife tasted ever so sweet as I licked her and had my cock sucked by our new busty friend. Eventually I had to stand and cum over both ladies. I am hoping next time we can extend the play....and tease some with a little leather some bondage and more pics between us. My wife looked so hot and our new lady friend of the couple so very sexy, and a little risky as she explored some new territory......,,100% true too readers.