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A few years ago Matt was asking me what I wanted for my birthday. Meals out, jewellery, clothing, trips away, the usual. Instead, I told him what I really wanted to do was to fuck his hot flatmate.

Living together as people in their early twenties we saw a lot of each other, walking around in towels, hanging out in pyjamas. We’d walk in on him and a girl in the lounge, we’d be walked in while fucking in the lounge, we’d hear him having sex in his room, he’d hear us. So yeah, very close living situation

So when i suggested I wanted this for my birthday he considered it. He and the flatmate had had threesomes together previously so it wasn't a problem there, but with us all living together he said he had to think about it. I gave him a week but also said I wanted it to be his decision and not to directly ask the flatmate if he was down (we just assumed he was)

Eventually Matt said it’d be fine so long as

-The flatmate used a condom

-It was just a once off

I was keen (it was my idea after all) But more than that I wanted it to be fun from beginning to end, I wanted to surprise the flatmate and catch him with his trousers down (pun intended)

So a plan was hatched, and enacted the day after my birthday.

We had to wait til the evening and I was excited (and horny) all day. I spent the evening wearing a bright, short, yellow dress, sexy underwear, no bra, and a bit of makeup. I felt a bit silly sitting around the house dolled up but when he kept looking at me I knew it was worth it.

He went for his usual post-gym shower and when he got out we called him into the lounge. He came in wrapped in a towel and we told him to sit down and “watch this” Nothing out of the ordinary here so he wasn't on edge.

I then stood in the middle of the lounge, said I had asked for a special birthday present from Matt, whipped my dress up over my head, stood there in just my underwear, and i told him that for my birthday I wanted to fuck him.

His eyes popped open, e looked at me, looked at Matt, looked at my body, looked at Matt, looked at me...and fearing he was stuck in a loop I took the initiative, strode over to him, ripped open his towel and started to massage his cock.

Matt smiled and said “Don’t just sit there, grab her tits or something, get stuck in”, the flatmate hesitantly grabbed my breasts and gave them a tentative squeeze. To show him it was ok I bent down and put his hardening cock into my mouth and then he realised this was serious.

I maneuvered myself up onto the couch so I was on all-fours, I was sucking the flatmates cock while Matt started eating, and fingering me from behind. I was in heaven. After a while I made them sit close side-by-side, and alternated sucking one and using my hand on the other as they told me how great I was at sucking dick.

I removed my (by then wet) knickers, made the flatmate lie down on the ground, and straddled his face, grinding myself onto his mouth and jaw, he ran his hands up and started playing with my nipples. I then pulled Matt closer, wrapped the knickers around his cock and started to really suck on it, playing with his balls like I know he likes. I started getting closer and closer to cumming which made both of the boys super excited, as I came all over the flatmates face Matt blew his load and filled up my mouth. It was heaven.

The flatmate, having been teased, and having gotten my pussy all ready couldn't wait for his turn to have a go. I lay down on the couch, he climbed on top and entered me and Lord was it great. A solid sized cock, and surprisingly hard. He reached a hand around my waist and lifted me up a bit so his cock rubbed me JUST right. I could certainly see why the girls who went into his room made the sort of noises they did because soon I was making them too. Matt just sat by, watched, reached in a hand every now again, and took the odd photo.

He was getting close to blowing his load so we stopped, I turned around into doggy position, presented my back end to him, and he went to town. He grabbed my hips and moved me every which way he wanted, pulled me down onto him. This was also a great position to suck Matt off and get him hard again.

Because they were also two early-twenties male friends they HAD to do something called The Tower Bridge. Which basically involved bent over between them , as they did a double-handed hi-5. Hard concept to grasp when you have two cocks inside you but we made do, boys will be boys and all that.

Eventually the flatmate was close to cumming and Matt shouted “cum on her tits” Well, he ripped the condom off just in time and just COVERED my chest in his cum. Then Matt grabbed me, and put me down roughly onto his lap and fucked me reverse cow-girl as the cum dripped down my chest, the sight of which just sent the flatmate off. Ordinarily Matt and I are more voyeur than exhibitionist, but something about me being covered in this guys cum while he watched me get fucked just spun our wheels and it was amazing. The flatmate was watching our every muscle twitch, watching his cum slowly drip down me, and vigorously trying to get hard again.

The rest of the evening was spent in a haze of sex, food, and a bit of weed to help things along. Definitely bought the flat closer together and its become an inside joke. They no longer flat together (with Matt being in Wellington) but we often catch up the three of us (but haven’t played together since) It's often a joke that we’re waiting for the flatmate to get a kinky gf, and then we’ll pick up where we left off