Written by Anonymous


I was out of town for work. I’d been talking on kik to a younger lady off another site, teasing really and swapping naughty pics. I messaged her mid morning to say I was in town and all I got back was a message saying “ I’m not working today, I’m at home, my address is .......”. Ubered to her house where she met me at the door and led me straight into the bedroom. We stood there kissing, her hair was still wet from the shower, god she smelt good.

My hands were all over her ass, fondling her ass cheeks, I could feel my cock getting harder and so could she. Before long we were both naked on the bed, kissing and fondling each other. My hand moved between her legs and she was moist already. I took her nipple in my mouth, small breasts but delightfully shaped while I fingered her to an orgasim. I kissed all the way down her body, over her trimmed landing strip until my head was between her legs. Gently licking each lip up and down with long stokes of my tongue. Her moaning with pleasure was turning me on something else. I took her clit in my mouth and teased it, I could feel it harden in my mouth, she was begging me to eat her. Sopping wet was the only way to describe her as I ate and fingered her to multiple orgasims. By now I’m rock hard and she takes my cock into her mouth as I lay back and just enjoy the experience. This girl can suck cock but also wants to be eaten again so we 69 for a while. My face is just covered in her juices.

‘Fuck me” she says and lays back on the bed with her legs apart. I enter her, she’s tight and it feels great on my cock. I bend her legs back to get deeper, she’s cumming again before we swap positions and I take her from behind, gently fingering her ass as I pump into her. I lay on my back so she can ride me, pulling her down to kiss her deep and hard. This time I’ve got my middle finger in her ass and she cums so hard her whole body is shaking. I can’t hold back any longer and explode deep inside her, filling her with my load.

We’re both spent but after a while we get dressed and she offers to drive me back to the office. On the way she tells me my cum is dripping out of her and her panties are now sopping wet.

It’s a bit hard to concentrate on work for the rest of the day.