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Beach Voyeurism Gets a Little Crazy

On a whim


4 minute read

A few years ago we were living in Auckland. We had gone to the nudist beach at LongBay a few times, and if truth be told I as husband had always hoped maybe things might get interesting. Say for example some men gather round us, admire my lovely wife, start some chat and some adventure could begin. Well I honestly don’t recall how many times we had gone for this particular visit. But we were both naked, and about 4 men turned up and not surprisingly made their spots pretty close to ours. They thought they were being subtle, but I could see the odd cock tug as they looked our way. A little while later we had a dip in the ocean and as we returned to our towels a tall thin young man bold as brass came and sat next to us and struck up a conversation. He was good looking, fit and well hung and I could tell my wife was interested. The other men watching didn’t have the balls to do the same. But as we got ready to leave our new friend asked if he could walk back to the car park with us. Sure, why not I said. On the way back I whispered with my wife about this fella and she suggested we should invite him back to our place, not too far away. Then as we neared the LongBay car park we came across D. D we had played with before a few times and when he saw us we stopped and chatted for a bit, and before you knew it we invited him back to our place. So by the time we got to the car park our new friend who I will call J, was invited back too. When we all got home, my stunning wife got some lube out and was naked and we all started to enjoy her together. Lots of nipple attention, some quality clit tongue and light finger caress time and all 3 of us men were very hard and ready. She started with some sucking off all 3 of us as we stood around her and before long D was rubbing his cock against her wet pussy and J was thrusting his long cock in and out of her pretty mouth. As i started to think about “protection” D was inside my wife fucking her on her back. J soon noticed this and came next to D. My cock was now in my wife’s mouth. D pulled out and put some lube on his cock and slowly teased her ass. She was very very nervous at first as D is super wide. But slowly she accepted him on her back and J was using his cock to rub against her breasts. D gently ass fucked my wife for a while and then withdrew and J took his place. Yes still no protection. This was wild. J gave her ass some deep slow thrusts and pulled out to cum over her tits, although there was so much cum it leaked down her belly. D took over doing mostly pussy fucking and then she turned over so he was then fucking her from behind. By this time I lost it and unloaded on her face and in her hair. J was already hard again and starting to get her oral attention. He was there for a little and came in her mouth. D came in her ass. While we paused to get our breath back, D started to caress her breasts and J was touching her super sensitive pussy. I was watching and although not hard.....still aroused. D started to masterbate and then came for his second load mostly landing on her shaved pussy area. J also masterbating but put her on he knees and tried her ass, but she said too sore, so into her pussy he went, with long firm and fast thrusts and unloaded inside her a few minutes later. We rested and said goodbye to the lads and the next day booked in for a STD check, thankfully came through all clear. But it was a lot of fun one of my favourite sexual exploits to date......the risk, the way it came about, and what took place. Yes this is 100% real, I think it was about 2016, we have left Auckland now, but have lots of good sexy memories from there.

Tags: anal

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