He slowly worked his way up my body till his hands were on either side of my shoulders, his legs between mine pushing them apart and tip of his cock caressing the nub of my clit – it was like a homing beacon. He looked down at me with an ‘are you ready ‘, expression on his face, I nodded. Before I had a chance to think, he impaled me with such force, I could feel the tip of his cock hit the back of my womanhood – he groaned and took a moment to enjoy the moist warm environment he had just entered. “fuck you feel so good” he hoarsely whispered as he started his rhythmic motion.

Time shifts in this sexual state, entangled bodies, senses blasted, lost in the moment, everything heightened, just as he felt like he was about to explode his seed, he slowed his pace down, he snuggled his head into my neck, his cock still buried deep in my pussy, moving slowly in and out. He whispered quietly “don’t move, don’t speak – there are people walking past”, not wanting to lose momentum, he plunged deep again as the last of the beachgoers walked passed “fuck, I want to come” he growled, I could feel the intensity of the pressure building up. “I can’t hold on any longer” he muttered, “go” I said “I’m coming with you”.

We lay there on the soft blanket, knotted, my pussy throbbing and his cock pulsating together. Catching our breath, suddenly aware that the party of beach walkers were making their way passed our little hiding spot again. We both giggled at the prospect of being caught, the very thought made us both groan that very horny groan.

He placed his hand on my wet pussy, made wet by our joint actions. Tracing each part of my exposed womanhood, he pushed his fingers inside. I gasped, not in pain, but in realisation of what was now filling that space. In and out – each time striking further inside. Fuck I’m going to come again – I’d already lost count, heaven, fucking heaven. “I want to ride you” I boldly stated. He lay back against one of the fallen logs. I lowered myself onto his magnificent cock, slightly squatting like a jockey. “fuck you feel so good on top – I don’t think I’ll last very long like this” his voice rasped. As I worked my thigh muscles in a rhythmic rise and fall, I tightened around his shaft, almost sucking his goodness, I could feel every inch of his hard cock. “fuck, you witch, fuck”, my eyes were closed, I smiled, imagining the look on his face, I rose and fell, impaling myself deeper, feeling myself tighten my grip each time. This time it was my turn to mutter. “Fuck” I said. I leant forward, finding his lips with mine and I impaled myself deeper still with one last thrust and we came together again. Bodies shuddering.

As we gathered ourselves – breathing raspy but once again synced – slowly calming. Me, still straddled, his hands on my hips – foreheads pressed together. He smiled “next ones on me”, rolling me off, he repositioned me, face and chest pressed into the sand, arse up to greet him. Legs on either side of his. “mmmm” he muttered “fucking love that arse”, he set about licking, teasing, tempting and fingering both exposed holes at the same time. Obviously enjoying me squirming and wriggling. Just when I thought I’d lose my mind, he placed the tip of his resurrected cock on the edge of my overstimulated pussy and plunged deep into the depths of my womanly abyss. It didn’t take long for the rhythm to take over and he succumbed to the beat.

This time we ended in a heap, slightly spooned and still coupled. Our heavy breathing slowly calming to an even pace. Slowly we started to untangle ourselves – he kissed me on the forehead and thanked me for owning such a spectacular pussy – I giggled. We redressed and once ready headed back up the beach to our waiting vehicles. A quick kiss and goodbyes – we headed in opposite directions home.