I work in an industry where there is a relatively small group of us who are self employed and we then assemble as necessary to deliver projects for clients across the country. Every month or two we do a road trip to check on clients and projects. Among our small group of 6 happens to be Julie, born in France and in NZ for the past decade or so. We are all in the mid-late 40s age bracket and get on well outside of work.

In January 2019 for a combination of reasons it ended up just Julie and I on the road trip. All starts off as normal and we meet the client in Northern Waikato before heading to the hotel in Hamilton for the night. Over dinner Julie mentions she had dreamed of me the other night, to which I jokingly respond "was I any good?" and she just smiled in a way that confirmed it was an R18 type dream. We finish dinner, had a couple more drinks and headed to our own rooms, when I sent Julie a text asking if she wanted to see if reality was as good as the dream to which the response came of "come on over but don't expect to get far".

A quick shower and I am at Julies door and we are quickly making out. Clothes on the floor when Julie says she hasn't had time for a shower yet. Into the shower we go, soapy hands and mouths all over each other and plenty of oral play. We then take it to the bed, where we fucked for a couple of hours in various positions until my balls were drained. Right at the end of the night, Julie is sitting across my lap when she comments about how much fluid is draining out of her from all our fucking and oral. I slip a finger into that moisture and then use it to gently finger her arsehole. Julie just smiles and says "I like anal - maybe next time as it is late now". And with that I head back to my room kicking myself for not trying my luck earlier in the evening.

Next day we are just travelling across country to the Hawkes Bay. I am driving when Julie hikes her skirt up to show she has no knickers on and she starts playing with herself and saying how she enjoyed last night. I note that it is quite a distraction and with that she reaches over and grabs my cock out of my shorts while I am driving and starts masturbating me. I tell her to stop and I will find somewhere we can park up.

Couple of miles down the road we find a quiet country lane and drive up that. I park and tell Julie to get in the back seat. When I round the car I am presented with Julie standing with her feet on the ground, bent over with elbows on the back seat, her skirt over her lower back, and she turns around hands me a tube of lotion and says "just anal". Well I almost blow my load right there and then - the only way this could have been better was if she was wearing a french maids outfit.

Needless to say I am quickly lubing up Julies arse and my cock, first working in a finger, then two before working my cock in as the sun was on my back and my own bare arse. Meanwhile Julie is fingering herself something mad. It was only a few minutes before Julie starts moaning in orgasm, and that took me over the edge immediately. I pull out after deposited my load deep in her arse, we both tidy ourselves up and Julie says "thanks, I haven't had a good anal session in years as my husband doesn't like it".

Over the rest of the trip, and the remainder of 2019 we found many times to fuck - with most sessions having a bit of anal play involved. We already have work trips booked for 2020, so plenty more times to play. However I doubt that I will ever experience that pure joy the first time I was balls deep in Julies arse.

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