She lay helpless beneath his presence ….. consumed by an overwhelming yearning for his touch ….. a fulfilment of his unconditional attention to her.  Her mind races with so many "what ifs", analysing how they came to be in this place, at this time, in their inevitable state of becoming one ….. of engaging in the ultimate act only the two of them could share.  Her thoughts become interrupted in a haze, as a gasp escapes her lips in response to his intentions ….. an exploring caress, the gentle stroking of his fingertips across her soft skin, leaving in their wake goose bumps that make her quiver with an internal excitement.  He kisses her skin warming her with his soft lips, her body burning deep within with every move, every kiss, with every touch he offers.  She surrenders to him in every way ….. physically ….. emotionally ….. sensually …..  Her thoughts shown through her movements beneath him and the silky scent of her desire.  He gazes upon her with such passion, admiring her amazing beauty.  Her body and form more beautiful than he ever imagined, from her fingers to her toes and everything in between, everywhere where he wants to explore ….. tease ….. touch ….. stroke ….. taste …..  His eyes admire her breasts, the tip of his tongue wanting to caress her soft nipples ….. She gently pulls his head toward her, melting to the firming of her nipple from his circling tongue …..  Gently sucking ….. licking ….. biting ever so softly ….. lashing his tongue back and forth lightly flicking her nipple, her body reacting ….. her breath quickening ….. becoming deeper ….. Her back arches, her breast pressed against his mouth, she raises her hips ever so slightly, parting her thighs.  Her scent drives him wild, knowing so close she yearns for him.  He traces his fingertips across her tummy ….. then lower ….. lower ….. lower ….. his tongue gently kissing a path in the same direction.  Her arousal consuming him, drawing him to her deepest desire ….. his lips find her.  The warmth of his breath alone drives her into a quiver, the warmth flowing between her inner thighs like fire ….. as he finds his ultimate reward ….. to taste her.  He glides his tongue between her parted lips, savouring the moment and all she has to offer ….. the taste of her so silky ….. his lips caressing her, his tongue gliding, circling as his hands stroke her body ….. up and down ….. until his fingertips find her breasts ….. gently massaging …..

To be continued …..?