Gibraltar oh my Gosh

Woke up this morning half asleep to find my blankets in a heap and clothes scattered all around me.

What happened last night?

Oh that’s right nothing -------again!

Looking out the balcony on the cabin I saw it rising majestically from the sea to the sky.

The rock of Gibraltar.

Needing some serious exercise, I decided I would walk to the top and not take the gondola or taxi. After all I had a lot of frustration to work out. I had been on the cruise with my friends and each time we arrived at a new port they decided where to go but ended up wandering aimlessly (as I call it) seeing the popular sites but visiting shoe shop dress shop and other genre shops but not really buying anything. I had to break the cycle, or I would go mad.

The gangway was down, and we all headed ashore. Who is going to the top? I asked. Might----might not be was the mumbled reply from the others.

As we started to wander aimlessly, I saw a road sign to the top. Ok I’m off I said and turned to walk up the street. A couple called out you are mad but I didn’t care I needed a break from them. Purposefully I strode up the street turning left and right as indicated by the signs got to the first set of stairs and started climbing them. Legs were aching but determination was high.

I kept going until I reached a road and then found I had to pay to walk up the road. Luckily, I met some people walking down who mentioned take the stairs on the left, as after paying the money and getting a map it soon became apparent that the map was not to scale and in fact was missing a couple of helpful little tracks. Suffice to say after some back and forth I found the stairs and started climbing. They were killers but finally I got to the top and took in the view etc.

To go back down there was no way I was walking, so I took the gondola down ( if you do watch out as it’s very pricey going only one way.) Standing in the gondola in the cabin was a mother with three children and her senior mum, The boys were a little frightened from looking out the window and when the gondola slowed I casually said “oh oh it looks like we’ve broken down”.

Senior Mum grinned and said “Oh I don’t think so “.

I mentioned the monkeys at the summit were intriguing to which the boys reacted saying they were scared of monkeys ….and so the conversation started.

Arriving at the bottom I said goodbye to them and started off walking and exploring. As I meandered around the streets looking at different aspect of Gibraltar history, I heard some one call out hey Kiwi come and have a drink with us. Looking over I saw the family from the gondola. I went over and the senior mum said come and have a drink. I replied I just wanted to explore and thanks but no thanks.

Then she said the wrong thing to me

Oh how boring!!

Looking her straight in the eye I said I’ll have the drink so long as it’s not boring.

She blushed a little and then introduced herself as Mimi and then introduced her daughter and grandchildren. I talked for a while and then decided it was time to go when one of the grandchildren asked if they could have a swim in Mimi’s spa pool. You’ve got a spa pool I asked to which she said yes.

I leaned over and whispered in her ear “clothing optional” . She blushed a little and replied to the grand daughter yes she could have a swim. I whispered in her ear If I can have a swim I’ll massage you as payment. Again, she blushed a little and said I’ll let the children have a swim

To which I replied how boring

I saw the steely glint in her eye and she went and said to her daughter I’ll be home tomorrow if the children want a swim then but I just remembered the maintenance man will be there this afternoon.

The children did not look happy but accepted that tomorrow they could use the pool.

As I walked off Mimi called out “Wait, I’ll show you some interesting parts of the city inside the fortress”.

We walked aimlessly for about thirty minutes then Mimi said “here we are”.

“Where”? I asked

“My apartment”, she replied. “Are you coming in to do the maintenance on my pool?”, she asked with a twinkle in her eye.

Taking the cue, I replied “Yes but I don’t want to get my clothes wet so I will be working au natural if I have to get in the pool”.

“Understood”. she replied.

We went up to her apartment which was the penthouse in an eight-storey block of apartments.

As we entered the apartment, I could see the pool on the deck. Opening the doors, I went out to inspect the pool. “It all looks ok, but I think there is some dirt in the bottom that needs removing”.

“Really” she said.

“Yes come and have a look”, which she did and said “yes there is some dirt that needs to be removed”.

I took of my shirt and then my pants and stood before her naked as due to the heat I had been commando. I am not self-conscious about my body as I have a good all over tan and while age has played its part it’s not been that cruel to me.

I looked at her and asked if she wanted the dirt removed to which she replied yes. Getting in the pool it was warm and comfortable. Mimi gave me a cloth which I used to get the small amount of dirt.

Handing the cloth to her I said thanks for the dip and do you want the massage I offered as payment.

Mimi hesitated so I said don’t be boring and say no….be exciting and say yes.

Glancing at me she said yes but I don’t really know you, so no unprotected sex ( if it comes to that) and only hand massage over my bikini.

Sure I said as I was also thinking that I did not want complications during the cruise if you know what I mean. Get your bikini on and lay on the patio sofa bed.

As she walked out in her bikini, I noted that she had also stood the ravages of nature fairly well.

Laying down I mentioned that I would be naked as I massaged her to which she replied ok.

I undid her bikini top and started to massage her back with long slow firm strokes. Slowly the tension oozed out of her shoulders and she started to relax. I moved down to her lower back and the backs of her upper thighs. Moving down her body then the calves and finally the soles of her feet where I used a little Shiatsu on a few pressure points.

I asked her to turn over which she did letting the top fall aside. She had nice little breasts and it took all my will power not to reach out and cup them, play with the nipples.

Her bikini bottom was still on. I started massaging her front. This time I started with her feet removing what crystals were there and stroking and helping the circulation in her lower legs. Her legs were firm and she offered that she played tennis three times a week. As I massaged up her legs they parted slightly but I ignored this. Moving on up I reached the top of her thighs and started doing some deep tissue massage as this is a large erogenous zone and increased blood flow in this region can be exciting. I could sense as I did this her legs were relaxing but at the same time there was a cadence in her hips to match the stroking of her thighs.

Mmmm she murmured that feel soo good. I’m pleased to hear that I said quietly not wanting to disturb the ambiance. I slowly edged my hands to her inner thighs keeping up the rhythm and just allowing my thumbs to run up and down the sides of her pussy lips. By now Mimi was feeling very relaxed and enjoying the sensation.

I kept circling her mound with my hand and letting the thumbs stimulate the lips as they started to engorge and become larger. Through her bikini brief I let one thumb lightly flick her pleasure spot which at first Mimi jumped slightly but then relaxed as again the rhythm was maintained.

Leaning over her I placed my mouth over a breast and nipple cautiously waiting for a rebuke, but none was forthcoming. Just a deep moan of contentment. Taking this as a sign to proceed I then mouthed the other breast and again a sigh of contentment.

Down below I kept massaging her thighs but now had my thumbs slip under her briefs so that they would lightly flick her bud making her twitch and moan. Another result was that her legs were opening slightly as if inviting me to explore further but I felt ( and knew) that any attempt to do so would ruin the moment for both of us.

I kept quietly massaging with my hands and thumbs feeling her body start to react to the massage. As I leaned over to mouth her breasts each time I took a breast in I moaned a little to let her know, I was also enjoying myself.

As Mimi started to writhe a little I then placed a thumb directly on her bud ( through her briefs) and started teasing and rubbing it directly, while still massaging her thighs.

Oh my god she whimpered what a massage…… shush I said concentrate on enjoying it and cumming.

With that she started to writhe a little more ,,,,suck my breasts hard she said as I moved from breast to breast, bite my nipples make them feel alive…….. I want you to fuck me……

Keep talking I said as I did as she requested with her breasts ….you are nice and wet your pussy is running freely I want you to cum, cum now I whispered to her all the while stroking and playing with her thighs and clit.

After a few minutes Mimi arched and moaned as her body tensed then relaxed as the waves swept over her.

“That was fantastic” she said. “I haven’t had attention like that for a long time”.

She looked at my cock which was hard and oozing pre-cum. “

What can I do for you”?

“Actually”, I said, “if you watch me jerk off that would be good”.

“Sure” she said, I straddled her with my cock and balls at the junction of her thighs.

“I want to cum on your body and tits”, I said as I started to wank myself. “Reach up and play with my nipples”, I said, “play with them roughly”.

Mimi reached up and started twisting my nipples and pinching them. Feeling my balls bouncing on her pussy it did not take me long to cum over her stomach and tits.

Laying contentedly beside each other we chatted for a while as the sun lowered in the sky.

“I must go” I said and got up to get dressed. “Yes I know” she said. “Thanks for cleaning the pool”. We both chuckled

As I walked back to the ship I looked back at the Rock and thought I won’t forget this day in a hurry.