Trusting Sir.

Today I wait on the bed in a pretty bra and panties, blindfold on. Sir comes in and guides me back out to the lounge, leaving me draped over the chair while he gets ready. The same position when I was belted the last time. Didn't love that and here we are again. Sir drags the belt over my back. Are you nervous? Yes Sir, Good.

But he ties my wrists up instead and gives me instructions. Count and see what happens. At my pace. One the smack on my ass makes me jump. We continue... I pause when I need to catch my breath or let the sting fade. The two handed smacks get me by surprise but I made it to twenty.

He helps me up and cuddles me, whispers Good girl in my ear and I'm happy. I love hearing that. I want to hear it because I want him to be pleased with me. I am happy with him because I know he won't abuse my trust. This is why it's easy to keep that blindfold on, the wrists and ankles tied.

I can feel my body responding more now that we have played a few times. I am trusting him more and my body is relaxing. There's less fear and more excitement. I'm nervous at times of course. He surprises me all the time. Sometimes there's pain. Not unbearable but more uncomfortable. Always followed by praise and care. And orgasms. Mind-blowing, toe curling, entire body spasming kind of orgasms.

And squirting!

Today I squirted I don't even know how many times. Each time, Sir pays attention. He knows where to touch, how to make me squirm and how to make me explode. It literally feels like my body is coming apart. But one squirting orgasm rolls into another. Sheets are soaking and the room smells of sex. When we finish, I feel like the definition of satisfied.

But I know it won't be long until I'm craving for more... Thank you Sir.