Written by hornynicky


My Husband Andy said when we first got together that on my 45th Birthday he would take me to Venice, if we couldn't afford that then I could have whatever I wanted as a sexual experience, well guess what no trip to Venice however one awesome nights fucking.

We rented a secluded property at Foxton Beach for the weekend, two weeks prior I put an advert on KS for 4 guys who would like to have group sex with me as that was my sexual experience that Andy said I could have, during the two weeks there was 22 guys replied, Andy and I meet with 9 guys and selected 4 to join us, Steve, Frances, Alistair and Graham, they were all 30-40yrs old well built and nice looking, The deal was that they would spend the Saturday night pleasuring me, No Condoms to be used and that I was happy to be anal fucked as well,I was not able to get pregnant and wanted to be fucked hard and filled with cum.

Saturday night the guys arrive we sit and have a few drinks I get through a bottle of wine, at about 9.30 I stand up and say okay lets get this show on the road, strip off my clothes and walk around the room naked, running my hands over my body and reaching out and stroking the guys crotches, feeling them getting hard.

I then head into the bedroom and ask whos going to be the first, Steve beats everyone else through the door, pulling off his clothes as he comes, his cock is getting hard as I reach out and start stroking it, I then take it in my mouth and suck it until it is fully enlarged about 7-8 inches long and nice and thick, he has his fingers inside my cunt finger fucking me will I am sucking him, The other 3 guys have now come in as well and are all naked with their big cocks in their hands stroking them.

Steve then tells me to lay back, he then rubs the knob of his cock up and down my cunt lips feeling how wet I am then with a single thrust pushes his cock deep inside my cunt, the force takes my breath away as he is so big, he then starts to fuck my cunt which feels really nice, I reach out and take hold of Grahams cock and start stroking it, that is when Alistair pushes his cock into my mouth so that I can suck him, Steve keeps pounding in and out of my cunt for several minutes before I feel him tense up and then start to ejaculate blowing a huge load of cum inside my cunt, he then slowly pulls out, then I feel Frances spread my legs wider and he positions himself with one of my legs over his shoulder, he then pushes his cock inside my cunt that is now full of Steves cum, he then starts fucking me, his cock is not as large as Steves however he has a different angle and is hitting all the right spots I am moaning and groaning as he fucks me then I start to orgasm I can feel my cunt contracting around the shaft of his cock as I cum over and over, this then sets Frances off and he starts to shot his cum inside my cunt, missing it with Steves cum and my juices, as he pulls out of me I feel the juices running down my crack across my arsehole.

Alistair then pulls his cock out of my mouth and tells me to get on the side of the bed as he wants to fuck my arse, I did as he requested, he then applied lube to my arsehole and his cock which luckily was not too big, he then pushed 1 then 2 fingers inside my arse and finger fucked it, meanwhile Steve is stimulating my clit with his fingers, while I have Frances cock back in my mouth, I then feel Alistair position himself behind me and gently push the knob of his cock through my rosebud, I tense up as it hurts slightly, he just continues to push in until his whole cock is inside me, he then takes hold of my hips and starts to fuck my arse deep and hard, I am screaming with pain and pleasure at the same time, pleading with him to pound my arse and fuck it hard fuck it until you cum inside me fuck me hard and deep, he pounds me for about 6-8 minutes, all the time he is fucking my arse Steve has 3 and 4 fingers inside my cunt finger fucking me, I am cuming over and over, then I feel Alistair start to shot his load of cum inside my arse and I let out a scream of pleasure as I feel him cuming , He finally pulls out, I lay back exhausted and look over to the side of the room, there is Andy sitting there with a huge smile on his face as he has just witnessed me being fucked by 4 guys multiple times.

After about 10 minutes Graham is hard again and says that he wants to fuck me again, he lays down on the edge of the bed and I straddle him, and lower myself down onto his hard cock, it slips inside my cunt every easily due to the amount of juices and cum that inside my cunt, I then lean forward over him and start riding his cock up and down deep and shallow, after a couple of minutes Steve has his cock in front of me wanting me to suck him again so I take it in my mouth, Alistair then comes over and I start to give him a hand job, that is when I hear Frances say well that means to only place left for me is in your arse, I then feel him position himself behind me and he pulls me down onto Grahams cock and holds me still, then I feel his cock slip inside my arse, it is a tight fit and I am pleading with him to be gentle, he slowly pushes in deeper and deeper, I can feel myself being totally filled up with a cock in my cunt and one in my arse, once he is totally inside me the 2 guys hold me still as they take turns to fuck me, Graham fucks my cunt for about a minute then stops and then Frances fucks my arse, they keep this up for ages and I am cuming over and over and cannot control the feelings that I am having, sucking and gagging on a cock stroking another cock and with a cock in both my cunt and arse it is slut heaven, the guys keep fucking me until suddenly I feel Graham starting to blow his load inside me, that is when Alistair also starts unloading another load of cum in my arse, I lose complete control and start to squirt all over the Graham and the bed as I cannot control myself I start to hyperventilate and feel as though I ma going to pass out, the guys just keep fucking me and I keep squirting over and over.

Suddenly they pull out and leave me laying on the bed completely fucked and unable to move as my body is racked with orgasm after orgasm.

I look over and Andy is standing there looking at me, his cock is rock hard and bigger than I can ever remember seeing it, Graham & Alistair leave the room, Andy comes over to the bed, and asks am I okay, I just smile and nod yes, he then pushes me onto my back and spreads my legs apart, I can feel all the juices running out of my cunt and arse, he then gets between my legs and slowly pushes his big cock inside my cunt, he lifts bath my legs up onto his shoulders and starts to fuck me deep and hard, I can hear his big cock making sloshing noises as he pounds my cunt full of the other guys cum, he then asks the other 2 guys to cum over and shot a load all over my face and tits while he is fucking me, so Steve and Frances come over and stand there masturbating stroking their big cocks while Andy continues to fuck my cunt, he fucks me for about 8-9 minutes then I feel him tense up just before he blows his load of cum inside my cunt as he is shooting his load inside me the 2 guys cum all over my face and tits covering me with big globs of cum, they then leave and Andy pulls out of my cunt and watches all the juices flow out onto the sheets that are now covered in all sorts of moisture, He then lays next to me and asks am I happy, I smile and say yes completely happy and fucked, He then covers me up and l;eaves the room, I can hear the guys talking and then the door opening and closing as they all leave, Andy then cums back in and asks me whether he can anal fuck me before we go to sleep, I said that it would be nice to have him inside my arse and that I would love to feel him cum inside me again, 8 minutes later that is just what he did he filled my arse with his cum.

One awesome night for my 45th Birthday. totally fucked.

Hope you enjoyed as much as I did.