This is my account of my third session with clayton2019

No touching, he said.

I haven't seen Sir in a week. We are meeting today. Exactly 7 days. No touching he told me until we meet.

It's been so hard! I didn't even realise I tuck a hand between my thighs as I'm trying to fall asleep. Sir was very clear. No touching at all. I can tell you it's been a bloody long week.

And last night Sir told me he wants me to spend the day with no panties until he sees me. I've never done that before... Sheltered, I know. I wore a dress. No panties. Dropped my child to school, chatted with his teachers, shopped at the supermarket. All the while walking around with a naked pussy. Liberating. Tittilating. Nervewracking! I kept thinking the wind was going to blow the dress up! Made it home without any major mishaps... My pussy is excited at this much stimulation, especially after a week of no touching! I can't wait to see Sir. I've been good!

He's here! He walks in and adjusts the chair. Bend over this please. Oh shit this is new. I bend over. He lifts up my dress and it starts. He is belting me.. I'm trembling, gasping in pain. There are tears. I'm this close to sayjng my safe word because it hurts so fucking much. One more I tell myself and he stops. Why am I here? I definitely did not enjoy that. Sometimes it's going to hurt, he tells me. But it's over for today.

Then Sir cuddles me and I feel stupidly proud. He kisses me and soothes me and tells me what a good girl I was. My mind is whirling. I'm wet. My ass is sore and I actually have welts forming... I'm pleased that he's pleased. So many emotions! And this is just the start...what have I got myself into?