I had not long turned 21 and had flown to the UK to meet up with a mate to celebrate his 21st down in Reading, all of this was great fun but his family were heading over to France for a week so decided to head up to Scotland and meet up with my Scottish cousin’s who live in a fairly rural area, I could the train and and met my old uncle at the station and he took me home to their house and we drove past the family farm, this is where Jim my cousin and his bonnie English wife lived with their 3 kids, uncle said we would go their tomorrow and have dinner with them.

So I met my auntie and we sat down and chatted about the extended family and what my plans were for the next week and a half, after a few hours uncle was heading back to the farm to help Jim as auntie said I should go to the village pub and meet the locals while she was preparing dinner,

So I headed out and it wasn’t long before I met a few locals and been from New Zealand it was nice to have different face to talk to and the drink was flowing and the craic was great, I got talking with some older couples in their 40s And as the evening drifted on most people we heading home for their dinner and I also thought I better head back to dinner that auntie was preparing. It was pitch black outside when I left the pub and one of the ladies I was talking to said she would walk me home, she was flirting a lot during our little pub session , we walked with our arms around each other as it was quite nippy, on the way back we started kissing and groping each other and then found a bus stop shelter and she said she wanted to suck me off, 21 I wasn’t going to say no to that offer was I, oh she was great and pretty sex starved the way she was going to town on my meat and 2 veg, I was playing with her rock hard nipples while she sucked me off and then she stopped and lifted her skirt and bent over the back of the bus stop bench seat and told be to fuck here doggy style bareback, who was I to refuse this horny milf so we fucked away slamming into her dripping pussy until I filled her with my kiwi cum. She slipped her knickers back on and pointed me in the direction of my auntie and uncles house.

What a great welcome to Scotland

The next day uncle took me to the farm and I met my cousin Jim and the 3 kids, I helped out on the farm all morning Jim said that the family were coming to the farm tonight for dinner after the last milking was finished so then I visited my other cousins in the area and had a great time catching up,

I got ready and still couldn’t believe how dirty and horny the lady in the pub was last night, my first night in the village and had some great sex, all be it in a bus shelter but really horny stuff, so I got to the farm house and knocked on the door, Jim welcomed me in and the kids all seemed glad I was there for dinner, Jim took me into the kitchen and the smells were delicious, his wife was at the kitchen sink and he introduced me to his wife........... fuck me I didn’t know what to do or say, she was the same horny milf that walked me home last night and she pretended it was the first time we had ever met.

I got over my shock and had dinner, I offered to do the dishes and my cousin said he doesn’t do dishes that is why he has a wife, so I was washing the dishes and Kate was drying and then she started to rub my cock through my jeans I was busting to fuck her again.

A few days later Kate was heading to her mothers place and asked Jim if I could drive their car back as she was picking up her mums car to use while her mother was heading on holiday, Jim was sure no problem but warned me not to get lost in the country back roads, Kate drove but took a detour to a camping ground where she parked the car up and we ending up fucking again again, she was in a sexless marriage she told me and we managed a few more sex sessions before I headed back down to England