We met on KS, talked briefly a few times and really enjoyed Sarah's sexy mind but didn't expect anything more than chat.

Out of the blue I get an email suggesting we should meet. Turns out hubby was away over seas and there was a twinkle in her eye.

The address and time was given and some explanation it was just to chat. Well duly arrived on time and knocked, door opens and we eye each other up and get invited in..

Shes wearing a shapely dress that accentuates her curves, me a T and shorts. She turns and says follow me and leads into the lounge, and points to a 3 seater and states please sit there, and ooh this is Jen shes my chaperone. Well any chance of wickedness goes out of my head. Jen smiles and says yes you'll have to behave.

No sooner as I sit Sarah straddles me and states you have to behave but I'm NOT.. She holds my arms and kisses deeply, then grinds against me causing swelling the in the shorts.. She stands pull my shirt off and with a wicked grin quickly removes my pants leaving me naked and somewhat aroused in front of both women, Sarah then proceeds to straddle grinding again.

I can feel the flimsy satin and the curve of what is underneath and after a minute or so of this action my breathing changes, Sarah instantly stops stands upright smooths dress and steps away once again exposing me to her friends view. Jen winks and does not advert her gaze .. 'rather excitable arent we she notes', I smile no point trying to deny it..

Sarah grips my cock and with 3 deep strokes brings me to the boil again. I try slip a hand under her skirt and she slaps my hand away with 'dirty perv' comment.. so this is the way its going to be..

Sarah looks at Jen, 'I will be right back make sure he doesnt do anything 'silly''. Then addressing me 'Dont get dressed and dont touch anything, looks at me cock and says including that!'

She heads to the other end of the house, Jen wriggles and slides dress up giving me a clear view of a naked pussy while shes sitting across from me.. from the my vantage point I can see shes aroused too.. I lick my lips and before I know it shes walking over grabbing a handful of my hair and pushing my face into her crotch, not a work spoken.


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