When I was in Croatia last year, I attended sail week. It is 3-4 sail/spring break with a lot of young people who are from all over the world partying and lounging in the middle of the sea. So many hot guys and girls, between 18 - 30, its an experience I have always been told to go on and thought it would be perfect in my final year as a uni student.

I packed zero normal clothes. I packed around 5 or so bikinis, a pair of thongs to sleep in, one crop top, some beachwear covers for when its cooler and tanning lotion - just the essentials of course. This is also the one time, you know, you won’t be judged for wearing a tiny bikini as so many girls would be doing the same and guys won’t be complaining either.

All my bikini’s were skimpy tie side thongs and small bikini tops that accentuated my boobs. A bit of attention seeking, but nothing I wouldn’t normally wear on a normal beach day in NZ - so no different in Croatia.

It consisted of drinking, dancing, lounging on blow up tires and tanning. Standing on different boats, we played beer pong through out the day, switching boats to vs champions of their specific boat. It was so much fun and everyone plays in their swimwear. So a lot of looking, cheeky grabs and flirting. You also could tan nude if you wanted to on the front of boats or out on a tire. There was always at least one to around five girls on each boat that would tan through out the day nude. I never tanned with my bottoms off, but would pull up my bikini and thin the front piece to tan as much as I could. I did however, remove my bikini top to tan my boobs.

One thing I didn’t care about was people seeing my boobs. The amount of nip slips to falling out boobs playing beer pong, jumping off the boat and daily activities etc., it was a guys heaven and girls didn’t care as no one knew anyone. I also buy quite small bikini tops (on purpose), which don’t hold my boobs all that well and will drop out naturally. It happens all the time.

The funny thing is, on each boat (10 boats) there is a sober captain that drives and monitors people on and off the boat. If you in that scene and know about these Croatian boat trips, many girls fuck the captains for a laugh, or just to say they did it. My plan ended up to be doing that. Yes I got with other guys attending and did things to pleasure myself and them, but I never actually slept with any guys on the boat - at least not focusing on it till the end of the trip as the showering amenities weren’t as easy as on land.

But I had a goal to sleep with the captain of my boat. My captain’s name was Paulo, he could speak fairly good English but sometimes was hard to understand. He was a short man, a little beefy but low key kinda sexy for a captain so chill with so many young girls and guys. Many girls would get photos with him. He was very cheeky too, holding girls ass’s in photos and girls would sit on him getting photos - he definitely had the luckiest job for a male. On the final day (Day 3) before we sail back the next, they put out a big floating bouncing course between all the boats. It’s where you can tan on piece of land with all the attendees from each boat. It was then an opportunity to go to my boat with the least amount of people on it to try with Paulo. He was in his captains quarters up the front, where he drives the boat and can look directly out the front on the platform. No one was out there where the tanning usually happens and I knew he was sitting there playing with the instruments on his boat.

Just outside his front glass, I laid down my towel playing dumb and making out I didn’t know he was right behind me inside. Sitting on my knees, I pulled my thong up my ass a metre in front of him behind the glass. Pulling the strings high around my hips and minimising the front coverage of my material, I then removed my bra facing the away from him and laid down on my front. With the view between my legs and the site of my two ass cheeks, I peaked over my shoulder and could see him giving the odd look at me while playing with his gear inside. After a few minutes, I pulled my tanning oil out of my bag and looked at him shaking it in my hand. He gave me a thumbs up and eventually came out and walked to the front.

“Paulo, can you rub this on my back please”, “Sure, sure” he said.

Laying there, he squirted oil and rubbed my back first. I then asked him to do my lower back, bum and legs. “Okay, okay, sure, sure” he said. Taking his time, he caressed my ass cheeks, and thighs. I was getting horny him rubbing me down and feeling between my thighs. Rubbing oil on me, he would do my inner leg and I could feel his hand his my mound. “Wow, you very smooth” he said in his broken english. Spinning onto my back, with my boobs exposed in his face as he sat there on his knees, “Paulo can you rub oil on my front?”, “Sure, yes, sure” he said.

Starting at my legs, working his way up to my stomach and then my boobs, he started rubbing them and gently swiping over my nipples. Once he touched them, they went stiff and I out right just asked him confidently “Paulo, have you slept with any women on these trips?”. He nervously laughed and said “It can be hard to resist, but may have happened in the past”. I said “What do you think of me?”. “You are by far the most beautiful and very sexy” he said. Now I knew, from how he talks, he has done it before and likely to do it again. With the confidence I had, I said “Would you fuck me before we get back to land”. Taking his time, looking behind him, in front of him as the other boats, and then towards the back of the boat where the float was in the centre, he said “Yes, I would love to” while playing with my boob pinching my nipples. Rubbing his cock, while he was looking around, he was hard already in his shorts. He then said “But I got to make phone call first and duties on boat”. He then suggested we do it a little later when it is dim, and he will have less duties but it’ll still be relatively quiet around the boat as people would still be out on the float partying etc. I said “yep, sure” and continued to lay there as he went back in. Still teasing him while doing his duties I knew he loved it.

Around 5pm, after a few games of beer pong and lounging with people in the ocean, I went to the boat and into my changing quarters. I got into this tiny leopard print tie thong and just wore a crochet dress over it. I had no bikini top on, so you could literally see my boobs and nipples through the dress (for reference, I have put the exact outfit on my photos I wore that day). It was super kinky, but a good evening cover to wear as it was getting dark. Waiting outside the captains quarters around 8pm, with a few people drinking, multiple guys were just staring at my boobs while I was talking to them. I even played a drinking game and multiple guys were trying super hard to get with me, but I was ignoring them for Paulo. Eventually Paulo popped his head out of his captains quarters and gave me the signal to go in.

Disappearing discreetly, Paulo was on his captains chair where he drives the boat and told me to come to him. Pinching my nipples and squeezing my ass as he sat there and I stood in front of him, I was extremely turned on. “You wore this for me” he said. “Just for you Paulo, do you like it?”. “Yes, Yes, very much” as he sucked my nipple through the hole of my dress. He dropped my shoulder straps of the dress, and dropped it to the floor exposing my body completely in my leopard thong. I started kissing him on his top of his head, as he put his head between my boobs, squishing it between them. He pulled my thong up my ass more and started spanking me while standing there. I then put a knee on each side of him on the captains chair gently resting on his crotch. Gently rubbing away, I could feel him getting hard.

He then kissed me on the lips and had his tongue aggressively in my mouth. Me doing the same, I was very turned on as I could tell he was enjoying himself a lot and doing what he could. I then stood up, still kissing him as I bent forward to remove his shorts. Out flopped his cock and his extremely smooth balls. He had not a hair in sight and you could tell he must plan for this stuff to happen. Standing up, I just bent forward as he sat on his captains seat and started sucking on his balls and cock. I instantly engulfed it and didn’t even tease him. He was making these aggressive moaning sounds as I sucked away at him. He was loving it. I then stood up and grabbed his hand, pulling him over to a seat lower to the ground for me to easily sit on him. Kissing him, I spun around and essentially rubbed up on him with my back and my ass rubbing on his dick. Kissing my neck from behind, he grabbed both my boobs and started to pinch my nipples. I then stood up, and he kissed my stomach down to my thong line at the front. He pulled the knot undone on one side and dropped my bikini to the floor. Rubbing my pussy as I stood in front of him, he played with himself with the other hand. He then asked me to put my leg up on the head rest of his seat, as he lent forward and started licking my pussy. “So smooth, so smooth” he mumbled as he tickled me with his tongue. At this point, I was dripping wet and struggling to stand on my one leg as my other was lifted.

“Come to my room, through here” he pulled me towards a door. Leading me in, he had this massive two person bed, bigger than what you think could fit on a yacht. “On your front, now” he said. I moved onto my knees, as he pulled my hips up as I bent forward. Spreading my ass cheeks, he started rimming me and licking from the bottom of my mound and up. Spanking and squeezing my ass, he was saying things (I presume dirty things) in another language. He then grabbed my hair, from behind, pulling me up right as I was on my knees on his bed. With my neck bent, turned around facing him, he aggressively started to kiss me with his tongue. He then told me to suck him off. As he stood at the end of his bed. Laying flat, he spanked my ass from above and rubbed my ass. Facing fucking and thrusting my face, I was loving it. It was a super dirty feeling. He then grabbed me around my neck, pulling me up to sit on my bum and knees. Kissing me as I looked up at him while having the feeling of being choked, he out of no where just spat on my lips and in my mouth. I have never ever had this done before, but I fucking loved it. Spitting in my mouth and aggressively kissing me, I assumed it may have been a European thing and I had decided I loved it. It was super kinky. At this point I was dripping wet and loving every moment.

He then told me to go into doggy position, pushing my head into his bed. Jerking himself, he spat on my pussy from behind and started rubbing it in. He inserted the tip in and made an aggressive deep “Arrrggghhhh” sound. Pushing in, he slowly started to thrust and squeeze my ass as doing so. With the odd spank every now and then, he started to get faster and faster. It didn’t take him long before he started to slow down, probably as he was a little old. So I ended up pushing my ass back at him in doggy position, pushing is cock back and forward inside with him doing nothing. Him and I were both moaning and I was dripping, shaking at the knees. Pulling out, he lied next to me, grabbing my wrist pulling me on top of him. Aggressively kissing me again as I tried to position myself, I started rubbing on him my clit, soaking his cock. While kissing him, I leant forward and reached between my legs inserting him inside me as I sat. Riding him in cowgirl position, my boobs were bouncing as I started to rub and clap on his cock. Holding my hips with one hand and his other hand around my neck, he was loving it. After about 5 mins, I could feel his body tense up as if he was about to cum. All of a sudden “Up now, now, get up” he yelled at me. I got a fright, as he grabbed my hair pulling me to the ground and bending my neck back with my mouth open. Putting his cock in and out and jerking himself as the same time, he came on the tip of my tongue and all over my boobs as I caressed them. His moaning sound when doing so, was super loud and aggressive, out of breathe by the end of it. With the big size balls he had, I was drenched so much, I didn’t think he had sex or pleasured himself in a very long time. Slurping every last drop off his dick, I stared at his eyes as he looked down at gently rubbing my face. Out of breathe, he said I was amazing.

He insisted that I used his shower as it was decent and better than the area we were in. So I hopped in and washed my body down, with the first ever proper shower I felt like I had since being out at sea. It was super good. He then said, once I got out the shower, if I wanted to sleep here tonight as there was way more room. I said yes and left my room downstairs to get my gear. In nothing but my crochet dress and wet hair, I raced down past everyone pretty much nude. My girls said when I got to our quarters, where are you going? All drunk they were and confused, I said off to sleep with the captain. Getting screamed and cheered as I left the room, I went back to his room.

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