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Its New Year’s eve, end of school year, 12 of us staying in a hotel, and ready to party hard with a proper send off on the viaduct. We all are getting ready with the boys and boyfriends in one room and all the girls and girlfriends in another. Lads looked sharp, but our girls looked unreal.

I walked back to my room after getting a text to come grab my wallet, with my girlfriend just finishing off her makeup and my jaw dropped. My girlfriend was wearing a tight navy blue dress with her tanned legs on display in laced up heels. Before she applied her lipstick, her and I went at it hooking up while I had a full cup of each ass cheek in my hands. She told me to not be too frisky as she didn’t want to get carried away doing anything right before the fireworks. I agreed and moved on to quickly take a peak underneath. She laughed and denied me the opportunity to do so as she wanted it to be a welcoming surprise at some point of the evening. I was happy with that.

I grabbed my wallet, and box of drinks to proceed onto one of our friends room down the hallway. Her leading the way, I could see from behind her dress only just covered her ass cheeks, that not only people could see if she bent over, but when walking had to be adjusted due to it riding up. I was extremely turned on, and rock hard before even leaving the hotel.

We got to our friends room, where we loaded a room with 12 of us in there, with us being one of the last to arrive. All the girls looked amazing, but my girlfriend in particular stood out. We were the last to enter the room and I could tell just from all the boys looking at us, she definitely stood out. Two years into our relationship at the time, I continually get shit for how hot my girlfriend is and always hear the odd banter around boys in my year group about her. I take it all as a compliment.

We park up near the bench and I place my box of beer on the floor. I’m sitting on the bed with the boys and she is leaning on the bench. She turned around a literal meter away from us on the bed and had her full ass in that dress on display. I could see the crease of her under cheek just appear on display and I knew I wasn’t the only one watching. She was making a G&T and she was taking her sweet time. All the girls screams and we yelling how amazing her ass looked in that dress, with her providing a cheeky smile and a small booty shake. Regardless who was there, she didn’t care, she always owns that compliment.

An hour goes by and we are all deep into our drinks. All the girls are extremely tipsy, the boys are on a good level and we were just keen to go to town. Our last mate we were waiting on was already down by the viaduct, so we just decided to meet him there. We walked downstairs and out onto the main street of our hotel and many people were out, drunk, doing the same as us of course. All of our girls were tipsy and walking at a reasonable pace in their heels, that most of us boys were happy to stay behind them and watch. A bit of banter here and there to each other about the girls and girlfriends was the entertainment on our walk. The quiet “fuck me”, “wow”, “can I touch it”, were passing comments from us. However, many comments came from people walking past. Two guys in particular actually stopped my girlfriend and my mates to ask where they were going for the night. We cracked up and awkwardly let them handle it.

The walk from our hotel was a decent kilometre or so. My girlfriend and a few of the others didn’t seem to care so much about their appearance or how they were walking due to the alcohol hitting their system easing their nerves. In particular, my girlfriend didn’t care at all to pull down her dress as she was at the beginning of the night. The boys and many others outside our group all got a peak of her under cheeks.

We arrived at a bar, with a mechanical bull on its deck outside. I knew instantly where this was going to go. My girlfriend in particular is naturally a competitive person, loves her sports and comes from a gymnast background. She’s always up to show off how well she does athletically, and I know this is something she would do sober as well as drunk. However, this time, she’s wearing a dress that barely covers her ass. I wasn’t worried, as I am not a jealous type and don’t really care if other guys see ‘everything’. She ran up to me and asked me in front of all the boys if I am okay with her doing this, and I said Yes with the utmost certainty. All my boys were like surprised I would let that go ahead. But what am I going to do on New Year’s, stop her?

She removed her heels and walked into the inflatable arena to prepare herself to hop on the bull. Instantly, I realised what was going to happen. The dress, regardless if she tried to cover her ass, would never ever stay down. Realistically, it was never going to work. I don’t think she realised that either. She hopped up, put one leg over and sat firmly on the bull. Next minute, I found out what she was wearing. A bright red thong was on display for everyone to see. It was crowded and predominantly full with males. My girlfriend kept trying to pull her dress down, but it would only cover the visible part of her thong at the top, with her mound in full view from underneath while her ass cheeks were spread on top of the bull. Everyone pulled their phones out and started to film my girlfriend about to ride this bull. Calling her naughty names, wolf whistling and cat calling, I started to feel sorry for how she is going to feel the next morning. The bull began to move, back and forward, with her whole ass and lower back exposed with in 2 secs. The timer kept going and going, until 15 secs and she got thrown off to the side. Everyone was still whistling, cat calling and yelling comments asking her to get back on. She screamed in excitement and happiness, still tipsy but stoked she had done it. All my boys were blown away and envied the fact she is mine. They were all in awe.

Once she removed herself from the inflatable arena and put her heels on, the girls grabbed her and dragged her in to get a drink without us guys. Because she did the ride and had 7 girls with her, she didn’t have to line up like us boys did. We were gutted as the line took 20 or so minutes to get in.

20 minutes pass, and I am trying to find her. Looking left right and centre in this bar she was nowhere to be found. None of the girls were either. Turns out they found our mate that didn’t come to the hotel and proceed out a different exit point to another bar down the side of the viaduct. We got a text of the location and ended up meeting them there. When we got to the new bar, they were already inside and cosied up to another group of boys at the bar amongst a full house.

We got in, I make my way slowly between people and find my girlfriend shoulder to shoulder between two guys with one buying her a drink. My girlfriend is known amongst our friends group to talk to guys she knows she can get a drink from because they are interested in her. To be honest, 98% of the males that see her, will always buy her a drink and I get why she would do it, cos why not right? I stop and analyse the situation, knowing what her plan is and what she is trying to do. Conversating to the guy buying her a drink more than the other, she has her hand on his shoulder talking close cheek to cheek as if he could nearly kiss her. As I look upon the three of them chatting, the one not buying the drink is leaning on the bar trying to chip in on the conversation, while the other had his hand low just below her waist line touching the centre of her bum. The man was cunning I’ll give you that – every time he couldn’t hear her or he had to talk to her, he would lean over to talk in her ear and give a gentle grab of her ass. He would do it so quick so she wouldn’t notice in time, before he pulled away when he wasn’t talking. He did this a countless amount of times and I started to get turned on by it. Him doing this was also raising her dress, only the slightest, but enough for everyone to see her left under cheek.

Her and the two other guys end up turning around and walking past me and the boys over to the table where our girls and girlfriends were all sitting along with the other guys friends they just met. We sat down, introduced ourselves and continued the conversations. My girlfriend told the guy she was talking to I was her boyfriend, but this didn’t worry him and it didn’t for me either. Everyone got along well, continued to consume more and more alcohol to the point everyone was laughing and on a great level. My girlfriend was still sitting next to the same guy, who continually bought her drinks. Eventually I went to buy a shot at the bar and he followed me up with his mate and said to me “Fuck, how did you land a girl like her”. I laughed and said “I don’t know”. He then said “She’s fucking tidy though, we all saw her on the bull and were blown away by the view”. I continued to laugh and agreed to the point of saying lucky I am. He then said to me “So she’s an ex gymnast, is she flexible as fuck”, I took my shot and ended on “You have no idea”.

I returned to my seat, and so did he. We ended our final drinks and said good bye to the group we just met to move onto the next bar. Us boys left first, waiting on the girls to come outside. All the girls were taking their time saying good bye to the guys we just met, with that same one dude still persistent on my girlfriend. Him being quite tall, he leant down both arms around her waist gently lifting her onto the tips of her toes exposing her whole us to the viaduct. She didn’t move too quick to care and continued to hug him.

Talking to my girlfriend, I could tell she was getting quite drunk but still able to walk and function reasonably well. She was telling me how much fun she was having and continually telling me that she hopes she didn’t embarrass me that night. I kept saying she didn’t of course as I was not bothered.

We come to our final stop for the night outside a popular bar. We lined up but were let in pretty quick due to most likely having a decent crowd of girls with us. We bought a drink each and the 12 of us sat down. It was about half an hour to midnight, and we were all plastered. Each of us couples and some of the single friends of ours started to disband off to be alone with their significant other or someone they met before the fireworks start.

My girlfriend asked me “thoughts on my outfit tonight?”, I said

“fucking amazing” with a cheeky ass grab and a kiss.

3… 2… 1…. Happy New Year….

The walk home is another story to tell…. To be continued..

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