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If you haven’t read my boyfriends perspective linked previously, it might pay as I may not mention some key aspects the same.

I’m Kate (as he calls me in the story), 19 at the time, young minded and always wanting to have a good time. Most of my time consisted of flat parties, heavy drinking, working out, studying and being young. This story was from 2017 when I was in university.

The theme as said before, was ‘Back to school’ themed. This meant (obviously) anything school related, you wear. Some people decided to wear their actual school uniform; some went as teachers; others like myself dressed quite slutty as it gave an excuse too. My attire consisted of hair tied up in a high ponytail, a lollipop, white shirt tied through the middle, a plaid skirt, black thigh high stockings and heels. I wore a black bralette and a red lace g string. 

Trying everything on, I honestly looked like a slutty school girl. I know I have dancer legs and a bit of an ass, but the skirt barely covered my ass. Constantly could feel a breeze between my thighs and on my ass. I also couldn’t not show my ass even when I was walking, bending over or sitting down. FaceTiming my girls at the time, they all showed they had the same issue. They also made a good point that many other girls at the party outside of our group would be the same if not worse.

With confidence, I went with it, had a few pre drinks and went to the party. I then was dropped off by my boyfriend and walked to the entrance.

Upon walking into the party, there were so many people and many I did not know. A lot of girls looked like me and more. There were also some pretty attractive dudes there too from uni I hadn’t seen before either. I greeted my girls and we all drank standing around the dining table watching beer pong. To be honest, I had never felt so much like prey in a room full of wolves. As time went on honestly felt like so many eyes were on me and my group, but I guess that was the same for all girls there. I continued to drink and drink a little more.

I became quite tipsy within the first hour and decided to get involved in beer pong. Feeling super relaxed, I didn’t give a fuck about where others were looking. I played with this big rugby dude, who was dressed as a student. Taller than me, in my heels, he was around 6ft. I knew I would have an advantage with him on my team.

Quite forward, we played and played well. We sunk 7 out of 10 cups with nothing on our side removed. Throughout each of those successful cups, I remember how comfy he was getting around me. I could feel him holding my waist to gently line up the shot, with the front of his crotch firmly on my ass. At one point I swear I could feel his dick rubbing on me below my hem line. I remember getting slightly turner on by it. When it came to the last cup, I threw it and ended up winning us the game. We got a loud pop from everyone watching and he lifted me up to celebrate. In doing so, I literally flashed everyone. It was all on display. Giving him a high five, I said thanks and moved to the lounge to dance.

Strobe lights were going off like a rave. It was intense, and very close to everyone. As I was dancing I could feel guys trying to make me grind on them, holding my waist and rubbing on me. Some would try to discreetly rub my ass cheeks from under my skirt also. I continued to drink and dance, to the point I got on par drunk. Eventually my front knot of my shirt came undone, exposing my tits in a bralette. Not caring much, I let it be. My abs and boobs were on full display. Eventually the big rugby guy came over and found me. Him and his mate came to dance with me. They were both tall, islander boys with massive figures. I felt pretty good with myself at the time, I allowed them to dance with me and my girls, opening them up to our circle.

One ended up grabbing my waist from behind and the other danced in front of me. I ended up grinding on him, and I was rubbing my ass up and down his crotch. I could feel his abs as I was grinding on him, and his hands were under my skirt around my hips entangled in the strings on each side of my g string. I could feel his finger tips, going under my underwear as his hands were so big, feeling under the front fabric of my g string. Without touching my clit, he whispered, very smooth. It sent chills down my neck as I got turned on. Thank god it was dark and his friend was in front blocking others from seeing if they were closer enough, because I was getting too comfortable. 

With his left hand his finger gently moved closer to my clit and eventually sat on it. Not doing anything with it, but allowing it to sit there. His right hand however, followed up from under my skirt, over the top of it, and under the right side of my shirt to my breast. Groping it discretely, as the lights flashed in the darkness, no one could see, and he put his hand right under my bra rubbing my nipple. Asking me what size I was, I told him C and he whispered “very perky”. More chills down my spine. Pulling me into him with his left hand and rubbing his finger ever so slightly, I became increasingly wet and my nipples were stiff. Me grinding, him rubbing and groping my boob, it was extremely kinky.

I then turned around, and he had full hands on each ass cheek, cupping from underneath my skirt. He eventually pulled his hands up, sliding to the back of my g string, to bring it high around my hips as it was entangled in each hand. With my hand, I didn’t want to openly reach into his pants, but I did rub the outside of his cock, down the side of his leg. It was very big and hard. With one of his hands, he slide it down between each ass cheek, and gently started rubbing me from underneath. With his other hand, he tried his best to pull to the side my g string. All of a sudden, I stopped, and I told him to come upstairs.

Dragging him into a room, he closed the door and pinned me up against the wall. With his hands firmly on my ass cheeks, standing on the tips of my heels, he started kissing my neck intensely. I pushed him back and onto the bed behind him. I sat on him, with my legs spread, perking my ass out between his legs. He then attempted to kiss me on the lips, but I pulled away.

He laughed and said “WTF are we doing here”, I just said “ a little fun, doesn’t have to be anything too intimate”. He decided to go with it, as he kissed my neck, down to my chest. Upon doing so, I was dry humping his crotch. I was extremely wet and trying really hard for it to not go further. While he was kissing around my right boob, I pulled the front of my bra down, so both of my tits were revealed. Sitting firmly and perky on my bra, I rubbed more and more on his crotch and he started to lick and bite my nipples, while grabbing my ass from behind. While doing so, I could feel a finger rubbing around the very thin string over my asshole. He kept saying how smooth I was all over. It was quite the compliment. 

I then stood up, and asked him to lower his pants around his knees. I pulled down his underwear too, and he became very excited. This mammoth size cock flopped out, and he was very hung. Pushing him back down and laying on his back, I hopped on top of him and sat my pussy on his dick with my lace underwear between us. Rubbing back and forward, I became super wet. With two hands on his chest, I rubbed back and forward as if I was in cowgirl position. I took my white shirt off while doing this, with my bra still pulled down under my boobs. 

Obliviously riding now, and moaning ever so slightly, I was extremely tempted to remove my underwear. Pinching my nipples, I road more intensely, and I felt his finger pull my underwear to the side from underneath.

Now my pussy was on his cock sliding up and down. Covering his cock and making it wet, I said to him that I can’t put it in and that I shouldn’t. He didn’t say anything but kept holding my ass, as he and I were rubbing each others body up and down. 

Because of the length of his cock, he pulled me up and pushed me forward with my tits above his face. While distracting me, by sucking on my nipples, his cock sprung from underneath me and his head hit the entry of my pussy. Without realising, I leant back and the tip went in. I stopped, regardless of how good it felt, I just couldn’t do it knowing my boyfriend would be here soon. Jumping off him and pulling away, he apologised and said thats okay. He said, “You’re so fucking good”. “Lucky boyfriend you have”. I said thanks and gave him a cheeky grin.

With half an hour or so to midnight, I realised I couldn’t go back like this incase my boyfriend wanted to have a play later that night. I walked into the ensuite while my mammoth friend sat on the bed still with no pants on just watching my like a hawk. With just my bralette on, skirt, g string, stockings and heels, I looked like a hot mess in the mirror. I undone my bra, unzipped my skirt, dropping it to the floor and rolled my stocking down to clean myself up. In the mirror I could see him behind me, and he was still rubbing his dick while watching me. I remember saying to him, “Don’t tempt me” with a cheeky smile. He walked over and stood next to me as I wiped my tits with a towel and warm water. With his hung cock, he sat it with the tip leaning on the sink counter top on the edge of the sink. He asked while locking eyes with me in the mirror as he stood next me “Reckon you could finish me off?”. Not wanting to be cruel I said Yes and asked him where. Looking around, playing dumb, he goes “maybe the shower?”. Looking at him and then the shower, he then said “I can wash you down properly for your boyfriend?”.

Popping my head in the bedroom, I told him to hop in and I will lock the door incase someone comes up from the party. He was already fully naked, in the shower, stroking his cock. I stripped off my clothes. Analysing me, he kept complimenting my body, especially my legs and ass. With my back facing him, he put his cock to the right of my hip as I poured body wash on it. While stroking his dick with my hand “washing it”, he put soap on his left hand and rubbed my boobs from behind and down my stomach to my pussy. Getting wetter and wetter, he asked me to get on my knees. I said no, as I couldn’t get my hair wet. Standing to the side of him giving him hand, he blew his load all over the wall. As tempting as it was, I wanted to do more but I just couldn’t. 

Still hung and semi hard, I washed him off and he washed me off. We jumped out, dried each other down and I gave him a kiss on the cheek. I went in the bedroom and put my pants back on.

I then panicked, as my boyfriend was nearly here. Sorting myself out, I ended up going downstairs, frantically saying good bye to my girls and proceeded to the front door. He was already there. I ended up taking a couple shots of vodka from one of the girls to make me more drunk. I walked outside the front door, said my goodbyes and played it cool. 

Appearing more drunk as I got in the car, I told him through conversation about guys hitting on me and some getting a bit touchy. It didn’t bother him and I didn’t think it would. When we arrived back at mine, he shoved me onto the bed and worked on me from behind. I was super horny at this point and wanted him inside of me. After eating me out from behind, he eventually stuck it in not long after and penetrated deep.

Thrusting intensely, I started moaning quite loud and eventually orgasmed. He blew a load deep inside me and pulled out to cover me a little on my ass. He then decided to double dip, and pumped a little more into me. It was super kinky after the night I had and lucky I cleaned myself off unexpectedly. 

So what happened after and how did my boyfriend find out? I told him drunkenly one night a month or so later that year. Unsure how he would take it, I told the truth. But he wasn’t bothered in the slightest. He ended up fucking me the day I told him while asking me at the same time what it was like with the mammoth. Now he is more open and comfortable than he ever was before. By the way, this also wasn’t the only time I had an encounter with the guy from the party.

Hope my experience wasn’t too bad. My BF asked me to be as detailed as possible for the viewers :)

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