Written by The boyfriend


A few years ago in my first year of University, I sober drove my girlfriend Kate to a dress up party. It was ‘Back to School’ themed, meaning her and all her friends dressed like sluts. Not normally a role-play enthusiast, I thought she looked extremely sexy. 

Kate was 19 at the time, brunette, 5’6, perky C tits and a fit athletic body. She was an ex competitive dancer and gymnast, known for having one of the best and perkiest ass’s ever. That night, she wore a white top, tied at the front accentuating her boobs and abs on display. She wore a plaid skirt also, that barely covered her ass as she had under cheek on display when she walked or bent over. She then wore thigh high stockings with little bow ties on the back of the thigh and black heels. It was an extreme turn on and I was unfortunately (or fortunately) having to attend a rugby game with the boys.

Sitting in the car driving to her friends place, I looked down between her legs and said “I don’t think you are gonna be able to sit much tonight” as her bright red lace underwear was revealed.

She laughed and said “bit short isn’t it”

“A bit!” I replied as we arrived to the house. Outside, was heaps of people by the front door and it looked stacked inside full of people with strobe lights going off. Everyone was in past school uniforms and many girls looked similar if not more revealing that what Kate was. Giving Kate a kiss, she then hopped out and bent down to grab her box of alcohol below the glove box. I could see so many people looking our way and probably catching a glimpse of what’s underneath. 

“Put the box down the kerb and let me see what’s underneath, make out like you're pulling your stocking up” I said.

Looking around, she turned and faced the party, placed her box on the ground and revealed her ass as she pulled up her stocking. She was wearing a bright red lace g string, that barely covered her mound from behind through the peak of her thigh gap. Now turned on, I said have a fun night. She winked and said she would see me later.

Throughout the rugby, my mind was on that outfit she was wearing and the desire to have fun with her in it later that night. Throughout the evening I remember receiving naughty snapchats from her friends and herself dancing and being drunk. I remember in particular, a friend of hers filming her from behind and cheekily pulling her skirt up to spank her ass. I found it hard not to get a hard on throughout the game.

After the rugby, I went for a late night snack and sober drove my mates back home before picking Kate up at midnight. I arrived at the address and Kate came stumbling out. One stocking was down above her knee, while the other was up high on the thigh. Her front of the top had untied, exposing her lace bralette and boobs. She looked like she had a hell of a time. She jumps in the car, knees on seat and leans across the centre to kiss me. With her tits dangling in her bralette and her ass on display to anyone watching, I was turned on. She sat properly, closed the door and waved good bye to her friends.

Slurring her words, she said she had a great night and lots of fun. She said though, that many guys were touchy and hitting on her at the party. She tried to make it seem better by saying so did her friends. However, I didn’t care, I knew it was going to happen and I find it sexy others desiring Kate. She said while she was dancing, this big islander rugby boy from her uni came up behind her and stuck his finger between her ass cheeks rubbing her mound. I remembered being shocked, but I asked her what she thought. She said that nothing happened, but she felt a little turned on as she hit the guy to go away. Promising me nothing happened, I wasn’t bothered. Was quite turned on actually. 

(However, if you want Kate’s perspective, she is open to sharing on here later depending on if anyone is interested as there is more to this story, initially told to me later in our relationship)

Once we got home, I helped Kate inside and we snuck through her flat past all her friends rooms and quietly went into her own. I took the opportunity as soon as the door closed to push her on the bed. I spread her knees wide, perking her ass in the air to reveal her mound. Turned on she was, I pulled to the side her bright red lace g string and ran my tongue from the bottom of her pussy to the top of her asshole. She always was smooth and it made the experience 10 times better. Constantly tickling her with my tongue, I removed her white top and bra, with her still in wearing her skirt, g string and stockings with heels on. I flopped out my cock, and inserted it from behind while she sat in doggy position. Gripping the side of her skirt, I thrusted hard as she began to squeal. Harder and harder, the louder she became and the closer I was to finishing. Removing her skirt, I threw it to the side and pulled her thong further to the side, wrapping it around her left ass cheek. The clapping of skin got progressively got louder and louder. Struggling to hold on, I blew my load inside with enough time to quickly pull out and drain the rest between her ass as it dripped down.

Her laying in a prone position, flat on the bed, I perched her ass up and put my cock back in to get rid of the final drops and provide her with a few more pumps from me. As I said, I wasn’t much into role play, but that fantasy of her wearing that outfit, changed our sexual experiences for the future to come.

(As I said earlier, if interested, Kate is happy write what happened at the party)

It was quite the night indeed.

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