Written by trib4u


So….My husband and I were on Waiheke Island for hubby’s business and I thought I would go and do some shopping and enjoy the beautiful beaches while he was at work. Another reason was to visit my ex boyfriend who I hadn’t seen for 2 years.

One morning my ex took me to a secluded beach where clothes were optional and I had always wanted to lay naked in public in the beautiful hot sun, with my ex tho? I had assumed that we would be covered up and thought nothing more of it.

I have no words. It was amazing. On the first day my ex wasted no time taking his clothes off and for a while I just watched through my dark sunny's and taking and sneaky peek as the sun warmed his well toned body and naked cock. It took me some time to work up the courage to take off my bikini, but after seeing other people naked lying there next to my naked ex, I couldn’t resist. I had to know how it felt. And it was better than I ever could have imagined.

I watched my ex go into the water and I sat there lost in my own nakedness. I completely forgot that I hadn’t put on sunscreen. I covered as much of myself as I could reach, and when my ex came back from the water I asked him to finish my back. Lying face down on the towel, he straddled me. Wet and naked, he massaged me. His cock and balls grazed my back.

He asked me if I got my ass and legs yet. I had, but his hands felt so nice on my body, so I said no. I felt his cock slide down my ass and come to rest on the back of my leg. He squirted lotion all over my ass. I imagined it was his cum squirting from his naked cock.

There was no reason for him to spread my ass open to rub the lotion in, but he did it anyway. I was sure he just wanted a reason to look at my pussy and ass, even though he knows he doesn’t need a reason. And then I felt his fingers circle around my asshole. He said he was trying to get some sand off. I wanted to say he was getting his sister off. I wonder if he could see how wet my pussy was.

He climbed off and covered his hard cock with a towel. I turned over and kept my legs open, giving him, and several people who walked close by, a view of my glistening and now wet moist pussy and ass…