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Last night in Bali

"A first time experience"
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Around October last year, myself and a group of my friends from uni ended up going to Bali for the week. With many memorable adventures, we decided to end our final night off before heading home at the hotspot Finns Beach club. If you have ever been there before, there are many different nationalities, hot guys and hot girls in swimwear drinking away from morning to night. I ended up wearing a leopard skin bikini with a thong bottom. I bought more bikini’s with me to Bali than any other clothing item and my leopard one was the sexiest way to end the week off. My boyfriend was back in NZ but he knew I would be up to no good so he just wanted me to have fun and enjoy my time. Sunbathing and lazying around till later arvo with cocktails and straights, I was quite tipsy along with my girls. Once it hit around 8pm, then the antics increased. A DJ arrived, strobe lights were on and everyone was wild. All day I had been eyeing up this guy in a group across the pool area, drooling for him. He was this tall 6ft black man, toned and muscly looking dancing away. Me being me when I am drunk, I approached his group of boys dragging my girls with me to go meet them. Asking what his name was, he replied Derek in a deep American voice. I attempted to give him a hug reaching up around his tall frame and shoulders and he had his hands gently on each side of my ass cheek. Pulling away he said “You’re fine as hell”. “Not bad yourself” I responded. He emphasised how much he loved kiwi girls but had never seen someone like me before. Making sure my thong bikini was high around my hips, I made sure I was standing in front of him dancing so he could get a full look at what was on offer. Shaking my hips and ass in front of him, it didn’t take him long to come closer. Holding me from behind around my waist, his fingers gently went beneath front of my bikini. Just sitting them there, while allowing me to rub on his crotch, he said “Fuck you’re smooth”. Being discrete, he tried not to be too feely in public, but I knew he was loving it. Then he asked me if I wanted to go chill and get a couple shots. At this point, I was dripping. I was very turned on by him. He bought me some shots, we knocked them back and chatted for a bit. Getting frustrated, I grabbed his hand and we left the main pool/bar area to the a quiet spot around the back of the building. I instantly pulled his pants down, under the lamp of an alley light and instantly engulfed his cock. I was in a squat position, gripping his balls and sucking his dick. If there was any first experience with a black guy, I picked the best one. It was extremely thick and long, I could barely fit it in my mouth. Caressing it, I jerked him off while sucking his balls and making eye contact. He told me to stop and lifted me on his back and carried me to a quiet spot, throwing me on the day bed. Sitting on the edge of the bed, he dropped his shorts and allowed me to continue giving him head. It was amazing and I was super horny. Grabbing my head, he proceeded to face fuck me, making me gag and choke. While he was doing that, I took off my bikini top, dropping my boobs out. That was his jackpot as he said “Holy fuck” seeing my tits. He pushed me back, laying on top and sucked my nipples. He pulled down my thong bikini and just started eating me out. Tickling areas with his tongue, he was making me body tingle and shake. Manhandling me, he spun me on my front and pressed on my lower back while inserting his cock deep in me. This was the first time having sex in over a week, I’m naturally quite tight and he had a big cock, so it was a little painful at the beginning. However, I was loving it and it was probably (still to this day) the wettest I have ever been. His thrusts were so big, pulling back right to the tip and just drilling me. I’m not a screamer, but I was screaming then. I had to put a pillow in front of my face to yell in so people wouldn’t hear. In the timespan of 15 minutes, I had orgasmed around 5 times, it was crazy. After that he picked me up and sat me on top of him while laying on the day bed. In a squat position, I bounced and bounced not even fully being able to fit it in me because of how long it was. He then pulled me forward, sitting my ass low on his dick and proceeded to pound me himself. I couldn’t handle any of it and I was shaking at the knees on top of him. He rotated me over, with him still inside me and he just destroyed me. Gripping his back super tight, I could feel him lock up as he was about to finish. He pulled out quickly, and blew instantly all over my pussy, shooting up to my stomach and boobs. In the time span of 20 - 30 minutes, from what I remember, I came a total of 8 times. Him and I laid there for a bit and then he picked me up in his arms, and walked us both over naked to this little hot pool. Still with the area private, I sat there next time and we both washed ourselves down. I then ended up sitting on him, facing him and kissing him. As my legs were spread on top of him, I could feel his cock creep up between me touching my pussy. Telling him, I don’t think I could handle anymore, we stayed in the hot tub and I gave him head as he stood up. Gently jerking him off, he came a little more and it dripped of his tip onto my tits. We then washed again, and we put our swimwear back on. He walked me back to the party, gave me a kiss on the lips and a cheeky ass grab before he went to find his friends. That night, I had the best sleep and the best trip and the best trip back on the plane. As you could probably tell from the story, my bf wasn't a big fan of it when I told him. But now, he finds it a bit of a turn on so I thought to share.

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