Written by Anonymous


I awoke from my sleep jolted by the urgent moans emanating from beside me, I rolled over and I saw The hottest thing ever, my boyfriend was being pleasured by two hot ghost girls, and they were coming for me too.

One of the Ghosts was rubbing her pussy on his face and the other ghost was jumping up and down on his cock. Now I sat up, taking the whole scene in I couldn't believe my eyes! it was as though they hypnotised him and he was so overcome with pleasure he had an animalistic expression on his face.

I felt my self instantly turned on and I could not stop looking it was so hot that I had to touch myself I started fucking myself hard and fast but I suddenly realised that it was a ghost cock indeed pleasuring me bouncing up and down on that big ghost dick. That's when I felt what could only be ghost number 2 big cock being slapped across my face and forced into my mouth. At that point we both caught each others eyes and snapped out of our hypnotised state to find that we were under the spell of a succubus and an incubus! And that they were feeding on our sex energy.

More... To be continued 👻