Written by Anonymous


The full moon is coming, I feel its undeniable pull. I can’t sleep, I am restless, I toss and turn, my hands are constantly running over my body, impatiently pinching, twisting, rubbing.

I spend my days tired, moody, edgy. Fantasising about men I see at work, the supermarket, on the street….dreaming about sinking to my knees and undoing their trousers. I am in a constant state of slick readiness.

I can’t wait for bedtime where I can let my thoughts run wild, fantasising about wicked and dark things, masturbating furiously, orgasming over and over but still feeling unsatiated. My hunger, desire, drive….it is insatiable.

I need that man, where is he? The one who can read me like a well thumbed book…no need to ask or hesitate. Just give me what I crave. Pin me down with your lips, arms and thighs. Make me sigh, quiver at your touch. Hand around my throat, eyes locked on mine. Wild, rough and ready. Finger me, fuck me and fill me with cum. Please.