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A surpise invitation

I'm not one for surprises; though perhaps there can be an exception . . .


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Previous story in series A little cleanup after diner

Chapter 4 . . . The couple called me this week and asked if I would be available on the weekend for dinner and distractions; I happily agreed. I arrive at their home in the evening, a fresh bouquet in hand, and ring the bell. I hear her voice through the door call "The lock is broken; come on through the back." I walk around the path to the side yard and through the gate. I glance around at the pool and hot-tub and wish that I had arrived a bit earlier to enjoy a soak and swim. I approach the backdoor and see that there is a note with my name on it. A bit puzzled and intrigued, I open the letter: "Hey there stud, Sorry for the short notice but I was called out of town for the weekend on business; so I cannot attend this evening’s festivities. Be sure to give her a hand in the kitchen and make sure her needs are met. I look forward to hearing about your evenings together when I get back. Sincerely, The Mr. " I feel my pulse race as I knock on the door. The door slides ajar and slowly opens on its own. "Hello?" I call out as I step over the threshold. I turn to close the door but feel a hand grab my arm and yank me inside as the door slams shut. I feel her breath on my neck as she hisses in my ear; "I need you, NOW." The flowers fall to the floor as I realize she is wearing nothing but a small white apron. Her tongue invades my mouth as her hands deftly slide over my shoulders, removing my coat. I run my hands down her backside and grope the globes of her ass cheeks as she starts to fumble with my buttons. I can smell her musk and feel her heat as she slides her folds along my leg. She is frantic, almost crazed with her movements. Not content with how stubborn my buttons appear to be, she pulls my shirt apart, snapping off the buttons; echoing as they fall onto the wood floor. She snakes her way down my body, sucking and nibbling my flesh as she descends. Her hands make quick work of my belt buckle, button and zipper. Her hand dives into my trousers and pulls out my stiffening member. She grips it firmly as she frees it from its confines. I gasp for breath when I feel the warm suction of her mouth as she inhales my entire length in one swift motion. Her luxurious lips and tongue caress the shaft. She slides off my cock and tightens her grip on my shaft as she slaps her tongue with my glands. I look down and lock my gaze on her; there is nothing but primal lust in her eyes as she circles her tongue around the head. Again she descends on my shaft, though not as deep this time as she pumps her hand up and down. Her other hand is rapidly moving back and forth over her clit, creating wet sounds as she covers her fingers in her lubrication. Her manipulations are nothing like they have been before in our previous meetings; she is rough and determined in her movements, aching for satisfaction. I reach my hands down and run my fingers through her hair as she works me over. I tighten my grip in her hair and pull her off my cock; raising her to my mouth, letting her tongue wrestle with my own. I break our dual and spin her around. She braces her body against the opposite wall, her back arched and ass raised like an animal in heat. I kneel down and see just how wet she is. Her mound is puffy and her lips glide past each other as she wiggles her ass in my face. I stick out my tongue and slurp up some of her leaking fluids, savoring the sweet nectar as I inhale her scent. I give her clit a few quick licks as her thighs quiver around my head; she is more than ready. I stand up and take my saliva covered cock in my hands as I position myself at her wanting passage. I slide just underneath her pussy; savoring her whimpers as her clit rubs along the top of my shaft. I push my pelvis into her ass cheeks and grind against her. Her whimpers start to become pleas as her body teeters on the brink. Just when I think she has had enough, I slide back and grip her hips. In one swift motion I impale her on my cock to the hilt. As my root grinds into her, she cries out in ecstasy as her orgasm finally arrives. Her molten pussy spasms around my shaft as her juices coat my balls and run down her leg. I reach around and fondle her hanging breasts as she cums, kneading the flesh in time with her contracting cunt. As her orgasm starts to subside, I slide out of her; my cock being pushed out with each contraction. I readjust my cum-covered cock and slam my rod back into her folds. I raise my hand to my lips and lick her cum off them. The taste stokes my own lust as I start to ram her pussy from behind. I move my hand to her lips and she takes two fingers into her mouth greedily licking up her juices. My hips are moving with a primal instinct as the hall fills with the lewd sounds of our flesh crashing into each other. I can feel my balls boil as they bounce and slap her clit with each thrust. The blood is rapidly engorging my shaft as I near the point of no return. My hands grip her hips as my pace becomes more desperate; the waves of pleasure building to a great peak. I slam into her hot passage with one final, powerful thrust as my cum explodes out of my cock and coats her womb. I can feel that she is close as I reach down and rub my fingers rapidly over her clit. Her body jerks and spasms at the assault as her body crashes down on my spraying member. She bites her lower lip and moans as her primal desires are temporarily satiated. I pull her body to mine and she spins her head to greet my lips with hers. Our tongues dance as my cock softens inside her body. Slowly I slide out of her wanton tunnel. She submits to my tongue and retreats away from my mouth and down my body. She glides down my sweat covered frame and takes my softening cock in her mouth as her hand fondles my tight sac. She siphons out the residual seed in my shaft with the suction of her mouth. I feel her tongue swirl around the head and under the shaft as she cleans my cock, taking care not to leave any morsels behind. "Are you satisfied?" I ask, staring down into her lust filled eyes as my glands escape her suctioning lips. "Mmmm, for now . . ." she responds as she rises to her feet. “This is but a glimpse of what I need to satisfy my hunger tonight.” With that she runs her hands around my neck and pulls my mouth to hers as her tongue invades my mouth. I can taste our combined cum as she rolls her tongue within my mouth. Her tongue retreats as she nibbles on my lower lip; slowly pulling her head away and breaking our embrace. Our eyes meet and I see glimmers of playfulness where there was once intense lust. "Come help me in the kitchen so we can continue the evening" she suggests as her hands grasp my own, and leads me down the hall. As we prepare dinner we flirt back and forth, stealing nibbles of flesh as we walk past each other. Deciding that it is useless to try and fix my now button-less shirt, I take it off and give her firm ass a playful whip before tossing it into the hallway. The sizzling sound of the deglazing pan masks her approach as she gets her revenge; dropping an ice cube into my boxer-briefs. The sudden cold making me nearly jump out of my pants as I frantically try and retrieve the invader as she howls with laughter. As the final plate is placed on the table, I pull her chair out and let her sit down, letting my eyes roam over her feminine curves as she is seated. I pour her a glass of wine and sit across from her. As we savor the meal we made, we talk about the things that have happened since last we were together. I can feel her foot slowly rising and falling on my calf as she tells me about how she and her husband met and what made them want to explore more in the bedroom. Savoring the last bites of our meal, I get up from the table and walk behind her. I place my hands on her shoulders, and kneed my fingers into her skin as she relaxes her neck. Her skin is smooth and soft as her flesh tenderizes under my probing digits. She coos at my touch, as she places her hands on my own, holding them in place. "If we don’t clean up now, I’m afraid it will never get done" she says, gazing up at me. I smile and reply, "You have a point, why don’t you sit and enjoy the last of your wine while I get started? It’s only fair since you had a head start on preparing dinner before I arrived." "I have a better idea in mind, but I need to get something first." She stands up from the table and places her hand on bulging crotch, giving it a light squeeze. "I’ll be right back to help with the cleanup" she coos as she walks towards the doorway. As she disappears around the corner, I begin the process of clearing the mound of dishes left over from our meal. It takes longer to clean up then I expected since her husband isn’t around to give me a hand. As time passes, I begin to wonder if I need to send out another search party to find out where the lovely minx has scampered off to. As I finish drying the last plate, I hear her voice from behind me; "I love a man who can clean house." I turn to see her framed in the doorway, clad in a light red negligee that gracefully flows over her toned body and luscious curves. A coy smile spreading across her lips. "I enjoy taking care of things, and all this cleaning has rekindled my appetite. Care for some desert?" I ask as I dry my hands on the towel hanging on my shoulder. "You cleaned up and prepared desert while I changed? I didn’t realize I was gone that long." "No, I finished cleaning up, I haven’t put desert on the table yet." I say as I place the towel down and walk towards the doorway. "So then what’s for dessert?" she asks, locking eyes with my own as I stand in front of her. I slide my hands down her side and lean into her ear as I whisper; "Something delightfully sinful." Her skin flushes, as my hands grasp the firm flesh of her backside. She giggles as I lift her off the floor; my hands digging further into her soft flesh as her legs wrap around me. I walk into the dining room and place her ass on the edge of the cleared table. I nudge her chin up as I taste and nibble her neck, listening as her breathing slows. I lean forward and slowly lower her back against the table as her legs squeeze my chest. Her hands rake my back as I place soft supple kisses on her skin as my tongue starts to snake its way down her neck; coaxing a soft moan from her lips. As my tongue explores her neck, my hands slowly slide up and down her legs from her knees to her hips. I can feel the cool fabric warm to my touch as her skin begins to flush with desire. I slide my hands past the bottom of the negligee and slide my thumb underneath. I stick out my tongue and let just the tip trace a trail back to her lips, as my hands begin to slide the thin cloak up her body, revealing the smooth taught skin beneath. My tongue invades her mouth as my hands glide up the sides of her frame, only the temperature of her body telling my fingers what is fabric and what is skin. When my hands reach the bottom of her breasts, she raises her hands above her head and retreats from my invading tongue. I lift the cloth over her head and lean forward, lowering my body on top of her as I place the garment behind her head. I let my eyes wander over her frame, following the flow of her hair to her shoulders and down her arms. I support my weight on my hands as I lower my head to her breasts, kissing the supple flesh lightly as her scent wafts into my nose. I hear her take a slow deep breath and watch her chest rise up to meet my mouth as I begin to circle around her areola. I trace around where dark and light skin meet, feeling her nipple swell as I approach it, but don’t touch. When I feel the firm tip of her nipple against my cheek, I raise my face and look up. Her eyes are closed and her lower lip is trapped under her teeth. I breathe out slowly over her nipple and flick just the tip of it with my tongue, watching her body squirm as I tease her. I move my head across her chest to her other twin mound, not wanting to make it feel unwanted. This time I am more direct, as I open my mouth and take her nipple into my moist mouth. I feel her chest retreat at the sudden direct assault as she lets out a moan of pleasure. I swirl my tongue around the trapped nipple, feeling the ridged tip roll around my mouth as I hum in satisfaction. I feel her legs wrap around my lower back as her hand rakes through my hair. I can feel the cloth of her panties dampen as she grinds them against my abs. I release her nipple and hear her sigh as the cool air rushes over the wet tip. I start to slide my body down the table, placing light kisses at random on her skin, enjoying the tension in her legs as her panties start to leave a damp trail on my chest. I can taste the slight saltiness from her flushed skin as her body warms with desire. I can feel the vibrations in her abdomen as she purrs and hums in delight. My hands roam lower on her body, cradling the curves of her hips and tracing along her outer thighs. I find her belly button, and slowly circle it with my tongue, eliciting a giggle as her body tries to flee. I can start to smell her sex as I go lower, causing my mouth to salivate as I approach her panties. As I feel the lace graze across my chin, I raise my head slightly. I look up and watch her face as trace the ridge of her panties with my tongue. When I see a playful smile spread across her lips, I take the top strands of lace in my teeth and gently tug them away from her body. When I feel the fabric tighten, I let it slap back against her flesh with a snap, making her hips jump ever so slightly. I lower my body off the edge of the table and look at the erotic scene before me. Her legs slightly spread, skin flush and glistening. Her breathing is heavy but hesitant, her sex soaked panties allowing her scent and heat to fill the room, drawing me towards the source. I lower my face down between her legs slowly, keeping my hungry eyes locked with hers as I see her cheeks blush. I inhale deeply as I hover above the damp cloth separating me from her moist lips. The smell is intoxicating as I trace her outer lips with the tip of my noise, letting her nectar coat the tip as I nuzzle her folds. I take my hands and lightly grip her knees. I slowly slide my hands up the smooth flesh of her inner thighs as I groan onto her clit. Not wanting to wait for my hands to catch up, I let my tongue glide over the damp fabric in one broad, soft stroke. I hear her moan in contentment at the teasing touch, slowly opening her legs, and whetting my appetite even further for what is to come. My hands finally reach the bottom of the moist fabric and trace around the lower edge; starting at her lips, and curving around her hips to the small of her back. I let my fingers jump the small gap to the top ridge and hook them underneath the fabric. I gaze up at her as I start to pull them down her hips, slowly moving my body away from her. A playful smile crosses her face as she rubs a finger over her bottom lip. She bring her legs together and raises her hips off the table as I slide the wet lace across the firm flesh of her ass. When the fabric rolls around the bottom of her body, she lowers herself back to the table and I raise her legs so that I can watch as her petals are exposed to me. As her panties starts to pull away from her lips, I can see glistening strands of passion stretch from her outer lips to the retreating fabric. They stretch and finally break as I slowly move the fabric away from her glistening passage. As I pull the fabric farther up her thighs, I begin to become overwhelmed with the need to taste her nectar from the source. I leave the fabric just below her knees and glide my hands down the sides of her stretched legs. I lower my face to her damp folds and flatten my tongue. I hear her moan as my tongue touches her just below her folds and slowly glides its way over her lips, collecting her juices as I pass. I watch her body jump as her clit finally passes underneath. I curl my tongue and return it into my mouth, savoring the sweet taste of her pussy. That initial taste makes me crave more, so I return my tongue to just below her outer folds. I feel her hips wiggle and hear a small sigh escape her lips as I again take one long stroke over her dew covered petals. I spread out my fingers as my hands hold onto her thighs, gently kneading them into her muscles to keep them relaxed. The tip of my nose opens her outer lips as my tongue approaches, flooding my nose with her heat and allowing me deeper access to her inner lips. I can hear her breathing become in synch with my tongues movements, inhaling deeply with each slow, deliberate stroke; only to exhale and sigh as my tongue leaves her clit. With each pass of my tongue, her outer folds swell and begin to pull apart, slowly exposing the tender, moist flesh within. I begin to slowly increase the pace of my strokes, and hear her breath quicken to match my pace. I can feel the tension building in her legs as her muscles begin to tighten against my fingers. She begins to purr contently with each pass as she body begins to journey to a peak. Her flower begins to produce more nectar, becoming sweeter as her excitement increases. I can feel her clit becoming more engorged and rigid underneath my tongue with each quickening pass. I hum in contentment as I lap at her exposed flesh, savoring the taste as her pussy’s lips become slicker with my saliva. Her hips start to gyrate underneath me as her moans combine into one constant whimper. Her juices start to flow more freely, covering my lips and chin as my tongue is unable to collect it all. I start to suck in the fluid, making light slurping sounds as she climbs higher toward the precipice. I feel her body squirm on the table, her chest heaving as she starts to call out "Don’t stop!" I smile at her encouragement, knowing that she is close. I keep up my pace as I lap up her fluids. I can feel her thighs begin to quiver as she crests over the edge. Her breath quickens to short, sharp jerks and her sighs rise in pitch. Her lips spasm on my tongue as it passes over her exposed flesh at a rapid pace; desperately trying to collect the sweet nectar that is flowing from within. Her whole body quakes as her orgasm arrives, her skin beads with sweat as she lets out a long moan of pleasure. I feel the juices drip down my chin as I continue lapping at her pussy as her orgasm pulses through her body. As the last waves of her orgasm subside, I slow down my pace and trace around her outer folds with just my tongue. When I reach her clit, I take it into my mouth and suck on it ever so gently, watching her body jump at the sudden direct attention. I release her clit and place small, light kisses on the bottom of her thighs as I start to climb towards the damp fabric holding her knees together. When I reach her panties, I slide my fingers underneath and run them up her calves, across her ankles, and over her toes. I look down at her body and make eye contact, her face still flush with passion. I drop her panties onto the table and encircle her ankles in my hands. I chuckle as I stare at her and begin to slowly spread her legs apart. I slowly lower her legs back onto the table as I place gentle kisses on her calves and knees. When her feet reach the table, I massage my hands into her flesh as they climb up her legs. I slowly kiss her inner thighs, snaking my way towards her flushed sex. As my lips reach her outer folds, I stop and gaze up over her body, wandering from the flatlands of her stomach, between the valley of her breasts and into her waiting gaze. I stare back at her as I let my hands work into her thighs, digging them deep into her flesh; relieving the strain from her earlier spasms. I move my hands in slow, deep circles, as my thumbs slowly work up her legs, gently spreading them farther apart as I approach her hips. I watch her stomach rise and fall with anticipation as I near her glistening passage. A moan escapes from her lips as my thumbs reach her labia. I slowly dig them into the engorged flesh and spread open her outer lips, letting her scent waft toward me. The scent is laced with her pheromones, the intoxicating mixture making my skin flush with desire. A hungry grin spreads across my face as I look down and gaze at her sex spread out before me. It is glistening with her orgasmic juices, begging to be devoured. I watch her skin blush as I stare and continue to coax her flower open with my thumbs. Her nectar collecting in clear beads around the entrance to her pussy. As her petals spread open I slowly lower my face down between her legs. I hover just centimeters above her, letting my heavy breath fall onto her like that of an animal ready to devour its prey. The hot air pushes her collecting fluids into drops that fall along the ridge of her inner lips, collecting at the bottom into a larger bead. I watch her hips wiggle as she tries to end the anticipation. I wait for just the right moment, when gravity starts to pull the bead of precious fluid away from her body, before giving in to my own hunger. I collect the escaping drop with my tongue and brush along her inner lips up to her engorged clit. A moan of pleasure escaping her lips as I circle it with my mouth. I flatten my tongue and focus on just the top part of her pussy, spreading her lips as I lap up her juices and rub over her clit. I listen intently to the sounds of her breathing and moans, finding the spots with my tongue that change her tune. Her hands glide across her mid-rift and cup her breasts, rubbing them in circles. I can see her abdomen flex and feel the tension build in her thighs when as my tongue makes her sing. I focus on those spots, tuning her body as it slowly begins to build in a crescendo. As I continue devouring her as she serenades me, her hands glide down from her breast and begin to crawl through my hair, massaging the scalp as her legs start to close around me. Her cries become louder as they reverberate off her thighs. I take my hand and spread her inner lips open with my fingers, sliding them from the base to the tip coating them with her hot, sticky heat. I lift my head off her clit long enough to stick my index finger in my mouth, groaning at the taste and covering the digit with my own saliva. I let my finger slide out of my mouth, being sure to leave it well lubricated. I look down and trace a small circle around the opening of her inner passage, watching it dilate as it tries to draw the tip inside. I look up and stare at her lusting gaze as she whimpers in desperation. Finally, I let my finger slide into her; moving it in small circles as her passage envelopes it, her organ pulling it deeper inside. My finger is incased in her hot molten tunnel as I lean down and continue to play with her clit. Her body writhing on the table as she coos in pleasure. I roll my tongue around her clit as my finger rotates inside of her. I can feel the temperature in her passage begin to rise as it opens up more around my finger; tightening suddenly when it grazes the roof of her inner recesses. I can feel her body start to gyrate in the opposite direction of my finger, trying to extend the contact between it and the spongey roof of her passage. I release her clit from my mouth and lean down to cover my middle finger in saliva. I remove my finger from inside her and stick it into my mouth, letting the fluids it collected from inside her honey pot lubricate both of them. As her inner nectar touches my tongue I groan and feel my hunger deepen. I let my fingers slide back out of my mouth as I look up at her with a hungered expression, letting my finger tips fall to her passage entrance. Again I slowly circle them around the hole, watching her hips try and move down the table to impale herself on them. After the third revolution I place the tips directly over her entrance and slowly penetrate her. I watch her face as she lets her head fall back and lets out a cry of delight; her chest arching up as my mouth descends on her clit again. I lap up the juices that escaped while I teased her and groan as the flavors explode on my tongue. I am completely intoxicated by the chemical sorcery of her body. The heat of her soft flesh, the scent of her sex, the sounds of her voice, the taste of her essence, and the pulsing of her passage on my invading fingers combine to make a truly euphoric experience. The lewd sounds of her copious lubrication add to the symphony, heightening my own primal hunger. I struggle to keep my mind focused on the rhythm and dance my fingers and tongue are performing for her. I can see that she is starting to loose control as well. Her feet slide up to the table to stabilize her squirming body, as her hands start to snake around her chest; sliding along her belly and cupping her breasts when they pass. She is trying desperately to keep my fingers on the roof of her passage as I circle my tongue around her clit. I can feel that spongey area expand as she climbs ever higher in bliss. I straighten out my fingers and slide them as deep inside of her as I can, savoring the luxurious feeling of her tunnel gripping them tightly. I switch from circling her clit to giving it fast, broad strokes with my flattened tongue. I start to curl my two fingers up against the roof of her passage, watching her stomach tighten as they pass. Each curl rewards my tongue with sweet nectar from her inner most places, before digging deeply again for more. I increase the upward pressure with each pass of my fingers, listening to her moan and whimper incoherently as she begins to ascend to the summit. I feel the heat inside of her begin to rise at a faster rate, the spongey tissue swelling more and more with each curl of my fingers. I feel her thighs start to close in on me, their damp skin compressing against my ears and holding my head in place. Her moans and whimpers are muffled as I can hear her heartbeat in my ears as my fingers feel each frantic, life-sustaining pulse inside of her. I feel her fingers crawl through my hair and push me down harder onto her swelling sex as she reaches the peak. I groan as she arches her hips up to me and her passage collapses violently on my invading fingers. My mouth is flooded with her orgasmic juices as her body crashes with wave after wave of orgasmic bliss. Her contractions are so tight against my fingers that I can only press them against the roof of her pussy, feeling each contraction send a new burst of sweet nectar into my waiting mouth. I try desperately to drink the torrent as it escapes her body. The overflow cascades down my chin and onto my chest, tickling me as gravity pulls to down my abs before being absorbed by my boxers. I keep up my rhythm as wave after wave of her orgasm crash through her body in frantic, almost violent spasms. Her body’s muscles contracting in the electrical storm of ecstasy. I only slow my pace when she starts to unclench her hand that buries me in her soaking sex. As the waves of her orgasm begin to subside, I feel her thighs start to loosen their vice grip on the sides of my head. As they relax I feel the cool air on my ears as the sweet sounds of her moans and weighted breaths replace the deep pounding of her heartbeat. As her pussy muscles begin to exhaust themselves, I curl my fingers again, sending aftershock through her orgasm racked body; rewarding my waiting mouth with a few tasty sips of her forbidden nectar. My hunger satiated, and my thirst quenched, I lick around her engorged mound, collecting as much of the precious fluid as I can. I look up and lock eyes with her as I slowly withdraw my fingers from inside her. A clear strand of her cum stretches from her lips to my finger tips, desperately trying to keep the invaders connected to her. When the final strand reaches it’s limit, it breaks and leaves a bead of her essence on my finger tips. I look her in the eyes as I raise those penetrating fingers to her lips. I groan and feel my trapped cock ooze in my pants as they are taken into her mouth. Her tongue gliding around them as her lips close around the last knuckle. My throbbing cock aches within the confinement of my trousers as she sucks her cum off my fingers. I lean in and give her clit one final suck as she releases my fingers from her mouth. "Hope you enjoyed desert" I say as I continue to lap at her juices. "You may have had your fill, but now I’m hungry." She pushes me away with her feet and slides off the table. Her face, still flushed from her orgasmic bliss, stares at me in wild hunger. She slides her hand down my arms and locks her fingers around my own as she leads me out of the dining room. There is a quickness in her step as I watch her naked body prance up the stairs to the bedroom.

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