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The Taylor Dam (Part I)

Bringing some magic to a legendary local dogging spot.


4 minute read

It’s a bit of a local legend that the Taylor Dam reserve just out of Blenheim is a raunchy dogging site. Despite several visits over the years I was never lucky enough to see any action, so I decided to take things into my own hands (no, not in that way😉). One summer Sunday afternoon, we'd got the chores out of the way and I suggested to Sal that we should grab a bottle of wine and some nibbles and head out for a picnic without the kids. She knew what I meant and seemed keen. We drove out to the dam, parked at the far side and kept walking around through the trees and into the open area at the back. There are trees planted in broad rows - some sort of botanical collection - and it provides some privacy while still giving a decent view of anyone approaching. We'd been there with kids and dogs previously and didn’t want to upset anyone’s family outing! We spread a blanket and enjoyed the wine, cheese, and sunshine. Gentle caresses and kisses turned more passionate and with my hand down the front of her shorts, I fingered Sal's clit to a nice orgasm, only able to get the tip of my fingers into her pussy. She stroked my cock while we cuddled and kissed and soon I was coming too. From a distance I’m sure it looked fairly innocent to anyone not in the know. For anyone looking for the dam's legendary dogging, hopefully it was enough to give them some hope of future action. It was nice being intimate in the sunshine, and Sal enjoyed the naughtiness of it, saying she’d like to do it again sometime. A couple of weeks later I suggested it again, and Sal was keen. I'd done some pre-work this time, and had let KS know that we'd be there, not looking for any hardcore dogging, but that there could be some discrete voyeurism from a distance. Sal was a bit suspicious when we walked past two guys separately on our way to the back, one with binoculars, but she didn’t say anything. Hey, maybe they were bird-watching? (Tui ad, yeah right). We spread out our blanket in the same spot, and enjoyed some bubbles while snacking and chatting. Again, with the sun and bubbles, and knowing what we'd done previously, our touching and kissing became more steamy. This time Sal had worn a skirt giving me easier access to her pussy. I played with her nipples through her top, and fucked her with two fingers, my thumb rubbing her clit. She came with a shudder and a sexy smile. Laying on our sides facing each other we kissed. She unzipped my shorts and pulled out my cock, stroking it between us. She lifted up the front of her skirt and repositioned herself with the tip of my cock at the entrance to her pussy. I pushed the tip of my cock into her. Sal moaned then suddenly went quiet and I felt her tense up. “Fuck” she whispered to me, looking over my shoulder. “There’s people coming”. “What do you mean 'people’?” I asked. “What’s happening?”. Meanwhile I was still inside her and moving ever-so-slightly in and out of her. “There’s a couple” she said “and they’re heading this way with a picnic blanket. Oh good, they’ve stopped” she said. “They've stopped and they’re laying down just over there” she continued. I felt her relax and I pushed into her again, playing with her nipples. “Careful Matt” she muttered at me under her breath. “They’re just over there!” she warned, but she didn’t stop, and in fact I felt her push herself onto me with slight movements. “I’m sure they’re watching us Matt” she said, but not in a concerned way, bucking her hips, grinding on me. With my back to them it was more discreet for her to do most of the fucking, and she seemed to be enjoying it. “Fuck” she said huskily. “She’s straddling him. I reckon they’re fucking too.” That made her grind onto my cock even harder, and she kissed me deeply. It was turning her on so much, and that was making me want to thrust into her even harder. Sal let me push into her deeply a couple of times before telling me to stay still. I played with her nipples as she moved her hips. It was glorious watching her eyes close. “Fuck, fuck, fuuuuucckk” she moaned looking into my eyes as I felt her pussy spasm in orgasm around my cock, and her legs and tummy tremble. It was so intense, it brought on my orgasm, spurting into my wife. I wondered if the other couple could see my ass clenching as I pushed as deep into Sal as I could, doing everything I could not to yell out. Sal smiled and kissed me. She loves making me come. She moved her head up to see over my shoulder. The look in her eyes was pure lust. “They’re definitely fucking” she said with a naughty grin. “She’s not even trying to hide it now.” “Fuck!” Sal said, looking back to me, genuinely worried. “She waved at us to go over!”

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