“Fuck!” Sal said, looking back to me, genuinely worried. “She waved at us to go over!”

“Well?” I said “Do you want to?” Sal's race went red. Maybe embarrassment, maybe excitement. “I kind of do” Sal said, hesitantly.

“Ok,” I said, trying not to sound too eager, “let’s go a bit closer and just see how it goes”. I put my cock away and gave Sal a kiss. I stood up and offered her my hand to help her up. We stood and I turned to see a couple, a few years younger than us, laying 30'ish metres away. He was laying on his back and she was very obviously bouncing up and down on him. Her skirt hid everything, but there was no question about what was going on under her skirt.   His hands were up under her singlet top, clearly playing with her large breasts.

She waved us closer and I led Sal slowly by the hand. Sal walked with me until we were 10 metres away and then pulled back. I stopped.

The woman had stopped bouncing on her man, and had sat more upright grinding on him. She saw us stop. She waved us closer and Sal moved forward with me.

“Come over” called the woman. She lifted her skirt to show us her pussy, and flashes of her man's thick cock. Sal overtook me at that point, fascinated and horny. The woman pulled her tits out of the top of her singlet and her man's hands came out from under her top, to play with her prominent nipples.

The woman fixed her gaze on Sal. “His cock feels so good in me” she said. “It’s so thick, stretching me. I’m so fucking wet. I love riding him like this. I’m so close to coming” she said breathlessly.  

“Can I suck his cock?” the woman said to Sal, gesturing at me. “I bet he was just fucking you. I want to taste you on his cock.” She continued grinding on her man, both of them moaning.  Sal looked a bit freaked out.  I tried another angle. “Lick her pussy?” I suggested. “You can taste us both.”

“Even better” the woman said, smiling.

Sal looked at me, looking for reassurance. I moved with her, right up to them until she was standing over the man's head. I moved behind her. Reaching in front of her I lifted her skirt. Looking down I saw the man looking up, clearly enjoying the view. I saw a string of come arching down from Sal's pussy to her leg.

The woman leaned forward and lapped at Sal’s pussy, licking up my come and pleasuring Sal's clit. I moved a hand between Sal's legs from behind and pushed two fingers into her. She was bucking against my fingers hard. Every now and then I felt the woman’s tongue on my fingers. Juices from between Sal’s legs fell on the man's chest and face.

I don’t know if it was the man or woman that came first, but they were quite vocal. I was pleased there wasn’t a family walking by. And not long after, Sal moaned and came too, her pussy spasming on my fingers, juices squirting onto the woman’s chin and down onto her man below.

It was then we became aware of movement down at the entrance to our area. The guy with the binoculars stood out into the opening first, followed by the second guy further around the clearing. The guy with the binoculars had his hand working furiously on his cock and came with a grunt. It was a massive load, the spurts visible from where we were. He gave us an embarrassed wave, put his cock away, turned and disappeared.

“Come join us next time” the woman called out with a giggle, as she waved the second man over. He moved to us quickly, his cock waving about in front of him comically. Sal and I stood back and watched as the woman got off her man and went down on her knees in front of the second man and sucked him, licking up the length of the shaft before taking the full length of his cock in her mouth.  I had one hand up Sal’s skirt playing with her pussy as we watched. I could tell she was turned on by watching. She reached behind herself and started rubbing my cock, before dropping to her knees in front of me. She unzipped me and gave me the best blow job I can remember, literally fucking me with her mouth.

The second guy announced he was about to come and I watched as the woman pulled his cock out of her mouth and jerked him a couple of times before he shot his load on her tits where she’d aimed it.

Sal looked up at me. She knew I was close, but she kept going, and when I told her I was going to come, she stroked my shaft while sucking the tip of my cock, and sucked my load into her mouth. The woman shuffled across in front of me, next to Sal, and pulled Sal’s face away from my cock. She kissed Sal deeply playing with my come between their tongues.  Breaking away from the kiss the woman looked at me.

“So, I’m Kayla and this is Charlie”, motioning to her man “and we'll be back here next Sunday afternoon for a picnic if you ...” she couldn’t finish her sentence because Sal had started kissing her again. This time Sal broke away from the kiss. “We'll bring the bubbles, you bring the snacks” Sal said.