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bad boy good boy?

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Miss Hubbard steps out of the shower her long red hair dripping water down her small perky tits her pink nipples hardening as quickly as the goosebumps going up her sexy slender thighs as she steps out, She reaches for her towels rapping one around her hips and using her other to dry her hair. Work had gotten the better of her she was sick of the arrogant teens she taught. At 32 she looked better than half the girls in her class, and the boys made sure they knew it. The girls made a habit of making her job hard because of that. It wasn't her fault. She couldn't help been so sexy. "Its not like I encourage those boys, though Greg is really cute though" she thought before quickly scolding herself. "I shouldn't think like that he's my student" it was hard not to though Greg was a beast of a man standing at 6'4 his shoulders were easily twice as wide as her and you couldn't avoid noticing his thick hard muscles which clung to his white uniform top that only made his olive skin look even more delectable, and he wasn't exactly shy "he teases me all day that boy" miss Hubbard exclaims to her dog Champ. "First that little prick grabs my ass when he walks into class, then later on when he brought his paper to my desk he purposely stood behind and dug his limp dick into my back, I could feel the little shits massive cock digging in as it grew CHAMP!"....... She didn't realize just how horny Greg made her until just now while she was complaining to Her dog of all people. "Here champ, Dinner time!" She yells from the kitchen as she places a bowel on the ground for champ who was stretching from in front of the fireplace before running to dinner. Eat up boy she says as she walks in the lounge. She removes her towels and places on a silk dressing gown before retreating to the couch, the thought of Greg's huge dick it had to be at least 9 inches long was still surging through her head. It had to be, she assumed anyway it certainly felt it. She was getting wet at the idea of his huge dick she could feel her fingers slipping through her soft wet lips which where already surprisingly soaked her pussy hairless just like the rest of her body' perfectly shaved and maintained. "What am I doing she thought this is wrong" but it didn't matter she was horny she has started plus" its better then fucking him" she told herself as her thumb gently rubbed across her clit slowly rolling around it as she slipped two more fingers inside her soft cunt up into her g spot. Slowly fucking her self while pinching her nipples with the other hand and biting her lips. Her rhythm slowly bit surely increasing as she draws closer to climax , her silk gown sticking to her now sweaty gorgeous soft skin as she cums, "oh...oh... oh... fuckkkkmmeee greeeeeg!!!! She cries out loud. Champ running from his bowl to check on his loving mother. "Huff huff... ohhh champ its okay mummy just got something out of her system, lie down boy" champ done as he was told and laid next to the couch as she pat him till they both fell asleep... wanna know the rest?

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