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Written by Wife

It was mid winter in the South Island. I had been down south to comfort a friend who's partner had left her. I had to get home, but a large storm was about to hit the south island. It had already closed the lower passes and I had to get over the Lewis Pass before it closed. I headed through Christchurch, and was making a beeline for the Lewis pass. I had filled up with fuel, checked the tyres and was in go mode. I passed the Hamner springs turn off and started on the pass as it started snowing heavily, and BANG ! The engine completely launched itself. Oil and water everywhere. I didn't need this and to top it off, there was no Cell reception and very few other motorists on the road as silly as me. A couple of cars passed but as it was so cold outside and I wasn't dressed for sub zero temps, i stayed in the warmth of the car. After an hour i was starting to get very cold and decided I couldnt stay there the night. Next set of lights I saw coming I was getting out and waving them down. A few moments later, I saw lights. I jumped out in my white tights and tight fleece top and waved light a crazy woman. The truck came to a halt and tooted the horn. I grabbed my handbag and jumped in the truck. I was soaked, cold and exhausted. The trucky introduced himself as Mike and said he had been on the road all day and could only drive as far as springs junction before having to take a break. I thought, great ! I can phone my husband from there and work out a way to get home. Mike said I could climb into the back and warm up in the bed that was there but not to climb in there saturated as he had to sleep there. He was a perfect gentleman. He slid the curtain over so I could undress into my gstring and bra and warm up and rest ( although i know he saw my ass and underwear as it was white and wet.

20mins went by when I felt the truck come to a halt. I heard mike talking to someone out the window and whoever it was said the road had to be closed as another truck had just gone sideways down the road due to the snow and ice. We were stuck. I managed to get a txt to hubby to let him know what the story was and that there was nothing he or I could do about the situation. I got a txt back saying as long as I was safe and warm and to be sure to thank Mike.

Mike had pulled the truck to the side of the road, switched it off and asked if I was decent. Well dental floss for a gstring and lingere style bra wasnt exactly decent, it was better than sleeping in the cold soggy clothes I was in. He climbed into the back and said he had to get some sleep so he could drive when the road reopened eventually. I was a bit nervous but it wasnt my truck and I had be thankful. We both lay there talking for a bit and it started to cool down. I drifted off, but found myself having a very wet dream and had backed my ass into Mike's crotch. I could feel his impressive erection through his boxers pushing hard between my legs. I was horny, VERY horny. I decided I had to thank him somehow so let him play around a bit. It got a bit much for me too though as i reached down and slid his boxers down and peeling my gstring to the side and was rubbing his lovely cock against my pussy. It felt amazing, 5mins or so went by, when his cock shifted and plunged deep in me. I wasn't going to allow that to happen, but wow did it feel great. We got into a rhythm and it was incredible. I came after about 10mins. He then rolled me onto my back and climbed on top. That's when I first saw it. It was really impressive, about 9 inches and fatter than i thought. God i must've been wet for that thing to slide right in. As he pushed it back into my wet hole, i realised that he hadnt put it all the way in, and i was about to feel the rest. He pushed the whole length in in the first push and it felt amazing. We fucked with my slutty legs high in the air and my tits bouncing with every thrust. We changed positions to doggy style for a bit and a few others, but I decided I had to ride it. I flipped him onto the bed and climbed on top, and rode his large member until I felt his cum dripping out of pussy and down my legs. I lay on top of him for a while just kissing him while he sucked and pulled my nipples until I felt him going hard inside me AGAIN !

Round 2, I rode him as long as I could until my legs gave up. He threw me on his bed and lifted my legs over his shoulders giving him very deep access inside me. I came again, this time making my pussy sensitive , it felt like every thrust gave me a mini orgasm. It was out of control. Finally after another round of relentless pussy pounding, he finally blew another massive load in me. Both spent, we lay down, spooned and dozed off. Through the night, he slid his cock back into me and had a quiet fuck, and I just let him. He likely saved my life. Next morning there was still plenty of snow but the road opened at about 9am and we headed into springs junction for some food. It was a pretty good drive back and Mike wanted 1 more round. We pulled over about 2hrs later and jumped in the back for what was a very hard fuck. No one had fucked me that good before ever. After dumping his load deep in me again, we set off. Were were only half hour from home and it felt like I was the one that got spoilt, so I leaned over while he was driving, pulled his pants below his cock and started to clean his cum soaked cock. Part way through he asked me where I lived so he could drop me off. I didnt realise how close we were as I was still sucking on his monster when the passenger door of the truck opened and all my hubby saw was his wifes ass in his face and her head bobbing up and down on this monster. Right then, Mike blew his load which filled my mouth. I turned around to greet my husband with cum on my lips. He didnt care, he was happy to see me alive and gave me a massive kiss. He climbed up into the truck and shook Mike's hand for saving me and passed him his phone number and said if he was ever in the area, to give us call. Theres always a bed here for ya. Funny thing is, theres only 1 bed in our house.

I went inside and told my husband exactly what happened. He wasnt mad at all, he asked me if I was too tired for a welcome home fuck. Geez it must've been like fucking a jar of lube because my pussy was still full of cum and was alot more loose that what it was usually. He lasted 3 minutes and said I should do it again sometime, and loves the feel of fucking my well loved pussy.

How did I get so lucky on both counts

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