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The Making of a Man

"Naomi takes sympathy on a stranger"
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With her ‘little black dress’ clinging tightly to her slim body and my arm around her waist, Naomi and I walked out the foyer of our hotel into the bustling city street. Her sexy high heel shoes accentuating the length of her already long legs were clacking on the Wellington pavement as we ambled through the streets taking in the sites and sounds of our capital city. With the last day of the working week over, Wellingtonians were queuing for buses, waiting patiently at the traffic lights in their cars or settling down in the various bars enjoying a well-earned beer or glass of wine. We ventured into several bars, sampling many of the different beers on offer at each one. Eventually we found the perfect bar, hidden in an alleyway, it was dimly lit with plenty of secluded seating available and a vast array of boutique beers on tap. The barmen were all sporting well-groomed beards, as were many of the patrons, a bowler hat here and there added to the hipster vibe of the place. We seated ourselves with two large pints of beer at a small table out of way of the hustle and bustle, our conversation inaudible to those sitting nearby. We were both feeling tipsy, chatting and laughing freely. I would occasionally place my hand on Naomi’s thigh, sliding it up and down feeling the cool smoothness of her skin, inappropriately reaching higher up under the hem of her dress, until she would grin coyly, glance around to see if anyone else was noticing and whisper “Stop it, you’re making me blush”. We chatted about the concert we had seen the previous night, our reason for abandoning our kids with their grandparents and having a weekend in the ‘big smoke’. We discussed our plans for the future and our dreams for our children. Pausing every now and then to look intently at each other and say, “I love you”. The bar began emptying out as the inner city workers departed for their homes, and only the people keen for a night out remained. Naomi’s attention was drawn to young man who entered the bar, purchased a beer and seated himself on a stool next to a leaner. He looked furtively around the bar as if searching for someone, before drawing his cell phone from his pocket and staring intently at it. He seemed nervous and fidgety, glancing up every so often and scanning the room. I paid scant attention to him, and proceeded to drain the last mouthful of beer from my glass. “Fancy another one?” I ask Naomi, nodding to her nearly empty vessel. “Yeah, why not.” She replied, “I’ll try the pilsner this time please.” I gathered up both glasses and made my way to the bar, where a small line was forming to be served. While waiting, I looked back towards Naomi who had also left our table and was standing next to the young man, chatting and smiling with him. He looked somewhat uncomfortable having a beautiful woman so close to him, but was being polite and smiling back, casting a nervous glance at me. When I had finally been served and brought the beverages back to our table, Naomi was back in her seat. “He’s waiting for a girl that he met online to show up.” She said nodding towards the young guy. “I thought he looked nervous” I chuckled. “I think he’s been stood-up” She replied sadly, “Poor guy.” I looked at the expression on her face and rolled my eyes. The last time I had seen that look on her face we ended up adopting an orphan possum that we found on our small farm. Lil’Scruffy was still ripping up our curtains and causing mayhem. We continued chatting, but I could tell Naomi was distracted. After half an hour or so, it was clear that whoever the young man was waiting for wasn’t going to show. “Maybe we should invite him over?” Naomi said. “Fine.” I sighed. She quickly leapt to her feet and walk over to his table. Moments later Naomi had brought him over and was introducing him. “Warren, this is my husband, grab a seat.” She said. Warren placed his beer glass on the table extended his hand which I shook as he sat down. Warren was slightly taller than me with a thick mop of unruly hair and the awkward skinniness that comes with youth. I guessed his age to be in his early twenties, possibly even late teens. “I’m sorry that your date didn’t show” Naomi sympathised. “Yeah, I feel so stupid.” Warren mumbled. “Never mind” I said, “There are plenty of fish in the sea”. The old platitude slipped out of my mouth before I could stop myself. Naomi’s natural charm soon had Warren at ease and she easily coaxed a conversation out of him. His life story came pouring out, he was a studying for an I.T qualification, worked in retail part-time and had lived in Wellington his whole life. Our beers were soon empty so I purchased another round. When they were empty, Warren bought another. Naomi and I were both getting quite tiddly but feeling quite happy. The effect of alcohol on Warren, however, was making him morose and he started bemoaning his failed love life. “I’m such a loser” he sulked, “No wonder she never showed.” “Hey!” I slurred, “Don’t be so hard on yourself? She’s not worth it anyway” Warren pulled out his phone and with a few swipes, held up the screen for me to see. The young girl on the display was definitely gorgeous, almost suspiciously so. Young, slim, olive skin with oversized boobs wearing tight shorts and singlet, posing for a mirror selfie. The Internet was full of such pictures and such girls. I took the phone and held it up for Naomi to see, raising a sceptical eyebrow as I did so. “Wow” She said, glancing at me while pulling a face that said that she was sceptical too “She is pretty”. Warren hadn’t noticed our non-verbal exchange. “Yeah, she’s really hot. No wonder she bailed” He continue wallow in his misery. “Warren.” Naomi snapped. Warren’s head jerked up at the stern tone. “Self-pity is not something women find attractive.” “Sorry.” Warren muttered. “You are actually quite a handsome young man, you just need to gain a little self- confidence. It’s an old cliché, but it’s very true; be happy with who you are and be yourself and I promise you the girls will come running” She smiled and winked, Warren grinned back slightly abashed. “Come on, let’s get out here! I feel like dancing. Where’s a good place to dance Warren?” Naomi announced before draining her glass and slamming it down on the table. I inwardly groaned. I hated dancing. Warren had already listed a couple of nightclubs nearby and before I could raise any objections we were staggering purposefully out of the bar. The nightclub was thumping. Glaring lights and deafening pop music. People crushed uncomfortably together at the bar and on the dance floor. I hated it. But Naomi was in her element, dancing energetically with Warren, grinding up against him unreservedly. Warren would occasionally look nervously over at me while I struggled to get the attention of the bar staff. I pretended not to notice that my wife was pretty much dry humping him in public. After paying for over priced drinks, I managed to find a small leaner in a secluded corner that provided a little shelter for my aging ears from the constant pounding of the drum and bass. Warren had abandoned Naomi briefly to use the mens room, so she made her way over to my corner. “You’re not enjoying this are you?” I read her lips more than actually heard what she said. “Not really!” I shouted back, “But you’re having fun.” I nodded towards Warren who had emerged from the toilets and was looking around for us. Naomi glanced over her shoulder at him and turned back to me. “He’s really cute…” She said grinning slyly. “Go have fun.” I said rolling my eyes, “I’ll find somewhere quieter to have a drink” Naomi grabbed me by the belt and pulled me in close and kissed me, her tongue darting quickly into my mouth and then bit my lower lip, holding it momentarily before releasing it. She released her grip on my belt then ran her hand over the bulge in my trousers, her eyes full of horny mischief. “I love you.” She said, before leaning in close to my ear and huskily whispered “I’ll send you a text when I’m ready” “Look after her” I said to Warren who had finally found us. I fixed him with a threatening look to say there would be hell to pay if he didn’t. He swallowed nervously and nodded. Naomi turned and dragged the young man away into the depths of the club. I finished my drink and gratefully left the nightclub. I wandered in the general direction of our hotel. I eventually found another quiet sports bar. A rugby match was just starting on the big screen TV; I grabbed a beer and feigned interest in the game, sometimes chatting with the other blokes doing the same. The rugby match came to an end; while the post match analysis was going on I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. I took it out and on the screen was printed: “I’m ready” accentuated with a purple devil emoji grinning evilly at me. I left my half full glass at the bar, thanked the staff and headed out into the street almost at a trot. I was soon in the lift of my hotel willing to go faster, curious as to what I was going to find when I got to my room. I swiped the electronic key card and pushed open the door. The room was dimly lit and the air was warm with the musty aroma of sex. I entered the room, and leaned calmly against the wall as I gazed at the bed. Naomi was sitting slouched against a stack of pillows, a single sheet covering most of her torso; one breast exposed a hardened dark nipple contrasted against her pale skin. A bare leg protruded over the edge of the bed, her milk white inner thigh tantalizingly visible. She looked flushed; her hair dishevelled much like the rest of the bed. She sipped on a glass of white wine. “Raiding the mini-bar I see.” I smiled, “Have you had fun?” Naomi smiled seductively, took another sip of wine, placed the glass on the bedside table then quickly pulled the sheet away. Totally naked now with her legs spread, her hairless pussy glistening wet, her labia pink and swollen. She had most definitely been fucked. She ran a manicured finger in slow circles over her clitoris, biting her lip and sighing as she did so. “Go have a quick shower, I have a surprise for you” she cooed. I didn’t need to be told twice. I quickly showered and washed away the stale smell of beer and sweat. When I returned naked to the bedroom, Naomi was fully under the duvet with our Ipad in her hand. She patted the bed beside her so I clambered in. She snuggled up next to me and rested her head on my chest and handed me the Ipad. “Press play.” she said. I tapped the icon on the screen and video sprang to life. The scene was the hotel bathroom I had just left. The shower running in the background, with Naomi naked, fumbling to steady the camera. Happy that the camera was well positioned, she went and stood in the open shower the water cascading over her shoulders. “You ready yet?” She called to someone off camera. Warren quietly entered the bathroom. He was naked and his surprisingly large cock made me grunt in surprise at the sight of it. “Don’t worry, it’s not as big as it looks” Naomi whispered to me, her free hand running under sheets and gently grasping my cock and slowly wanking it while kissing my chest. The video continued. Warren stood behind Naomi, who handed him a small bottle of shower gel over her shoulder. “Wash my back” She instructed him. Warren squeezed the soap over her shoulders and began rubbing it in working up a foamy lather. His hand working up and down her back. Naomi backed up to his body, his cock pushing into the small of her back. She took his hands and guided them over her wet breasts. He squeezed and played with them for a bit, before cautiously running a hand down over her stomach to her pussy. Naomi opened her legs slightly, allowing him in. She reached behind her and pulled his head to her ear and whispered something to him. Warren began kissing her neck while his hand feverishly worked between her legs. Naomi began grinding her butt against his body, her sighs and moans audible above the noise of the shower. After a few moments, Naomi turned and faced Warren and kissed him passionately on the lips, then down his neck, chest and stomach. Kneeling on the floor of the shower, water running over her head, Naomi push Warren up against the wall, grasped his cock with one hand and held it to her lips, running her tongue around the tip before taking the entire length in her mouth. She work feverishly, her eyes locked onto his the whole time. Warrens mouth agape, he stared in befuddled amazement at what he was witnessing. Soon he began to tense up. “I’m gonna cum!” he gasped. Naomi took his cock out of her mouth and proceeded to jerk it relentlessly. Warren’s body twitched uncontrollably as his cum shot over Naomi’s face and breasts. His shoulders slumping when the orgasm passed. Naomi stood and started washing the cum off herself, before kissing him and whispering something inaudible. “That didn’t take long” I said. “You forget what it’s like to be that young” Naomi replied with a grin, “Swipe to the next video.” The next video was focused on the hotel bed. Naomi lay naked on it, her legs spread. Warren appeared at her feet and began kissing his way up her legs until he reached her pussy. The camera position was too far away to see what exactly was happening, but I could tell by the look on Naomi’s face that he wasn’t doing a great job. I could see his arm aggressively thrusting back and forth as he fingered her. Naomi winced once, then twice before reaching down and slapping his hand away from her vagina. She placed a sharp finger under his chin and held his head up. “I am not a PlayStation. I do not enjoy being poked at.” She said sternly. “A rookie mistake.” I muttered. “He was a bit over enthusiastic.” Naomi agreed. In the video, Warren mumbled an apology and Naomi released his chin and held the side of his head with both hands “It’s like eating an ice-cream,” She instructed him, pushing his head back down between her legs. “Slow. Slow. That’s it, right there.” She sighed, his head moving in sync with her gyrating hips. He took instruction well, and soon had Naomi squirming and moaning with pleasure. “Fast learner.” I said. “Great teacher.” Naomi replied. Naomi dragged Warren from between her legs and kissed him. “Get this on.” She said handing him what I guessed was a condom. He fumbled with it for a bit, then pausing to line everything up, he mounted Naomi lying on top of her. His backside pumping up and down Naomi panting with each thrust. “Lift my legs up” Naomi said, raising her legs over his shoulders tilting her pelvis so Warren could thrust deep into her, which he did with gusto. The change of angle increased the volume of Naomi’s moans. “Fuck me harder!” she yelled. The slapping of bodies increased, the headboard shaking and banging against the wall. “Oh God! Oh God! Yes!” she screamed. Warren kept pounding away until his body stiffened and he gasped. Both slumped exhausted. “I bet that woke up the neighbours” I chuckled as Naomi took the Ipad from my hands placing it on the floor then reaching back under the sheets and fondled my penis some more. “I‘ve been so naughty” Naomi pouted like teenage vamp. “You have been really naughty” I whispered playing along, kissing her on her forehead. “I’m still very horny” “Are you? Do you need more cock?” “Yes, I need your big cock, but my pussy is so sore” She whined, petulantly sticking out her bottom lip. “I’ll think of something” I replied huskily. “I’m already ahead of you” She whispered back, rolling over onto her side. I rolled over with her, pressing my cock up against her. She gently gripped it and guided it towards her arse. I could feel that it was already lubed up as the head of my dick pressed against her tight back passage. “You are prepared.” I whispered into her ear. “While you were in the shower.” She whispered back. Naomi pushed back against my cock and slowly eased it all the way in. I began thrusting, enjoying the tight feeling on my shaft. Naomi was busy rubbing her clit, her moans were deep and slow. “Oh fuck…It’s so intense...So good.” She groaned. “You’re a naughty girl.” I growled as I fucked harder. “Yes, but I’m your naughty girl.” She rasped between moans, “Fuck me harder!” I pounded as hard as I could, Naomi’s moans became screams and she buried her face into the pillow. I could feel her spasms on my cock and I could feel my own orgasm building. A few thrusts later, I felt my soul shoot out through the end of my dick. I groaned loudly. A moment passed. We caught our breath. We both twitched sporadically as we slipped apart and lay still. “I love you.” She whispered. “I love you too” I replied, then we both feel into a deep sleep. The morning came too soon. We both were suffering from hangovers as we packed our suitcase and checked out of the hotel. A taxi took us to the airport. As we sat in the terminal, Naomi was studying the Ipad, she leaned over and kissed me on cheek. “Thanks for a great weekend” she said. “You’re welcome, you made it a fantastic weekend” I replied. She chuckled as she flicked through the Ipad. She tilted it so I could see what she was looking at. The collection of videos of last nights escapades. “Should I delete them?” She whispered, looking around to make sure no one else was paying attention. “No.” I said, “Might watch them again tonight.” A cheeky smile spread across Naomi’s face.

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