You and your wife have flirted with the idea of adding another man to your sex lives. During sex you would ask her how she would love another cock to fuck or suck while you were there with her. You noticed her pussy always tightened up and she got wetter when you mentioned it, even though she always said no.

You would bring it up in conversation about her wanting a hotter or younger man and she would always giggle and tell you no.

One day you notice she's been dressing a little nicer for work. Her clothes are showing off her small but perky breasts and her figure a little more. She's wearing a little more makeup and perfume when she didn't wear any before.

She starts getting texts whenever she's home and hurriedly answering them. There wasn't a lock code on her phone before but now there is one.

You're wondering what's going on, but one day you get your answer. "Honey," she says, "do you remember what we've talked about and you've asked me many times before?"

"What are you talking about?"

"Ummm ... about me maybe wanting another man?" You almost can't believe what you just heard. But your dick got instantly hard, so you know what she's talking about.

"Would you still like to see me be with another man?" She asks.

"Well ...," you stammer out, at a loss for words. "Yes, I would."

"Ok. Well, I have to tell you about someone. Honey, I never really thought seriously about it until recently, but I've met someone. He works with me. His name is Robert. He's been really nice and has made a lot of comments about me being pretty and sexy. I think he could be the one."

Your mouth is dry and your heart is hammering in your chest. Here's your faithful, innocent little wife telling you about a man she wants to fuck.

"Have you guys done anything?" you ask.

"No, we haven't had sex, or anything like that. We've flirted a lot with each other. We've taken lunches together. At first we were driving our own cars to the restaurant but lately we've been riding together in his car. He's such a gentleman, always holding doors open, opening the car door for me, and pulling chairs out for me. When I walk through a door or he's standing next to me he'll put his hand on the small of my back. It felt like electricity went up my spine the first time he touched me like that."

You're sitting there speechless while you listen to all of this. You don't realize it but you're rubbing your erection through your pants as she tells you all of this.

"Honey, I guess you like what you're hearing?" She notices you rubbing. "Here, let me help you with that." You're sitting in a chair and she kneels down in front of you, unzips your pants and pulls your hard cock out. She strokes it and gives the head a little lick. She doesn't give you blow jobs often without you almost begging for them, and then she does it begrudgingly. "No, we haven't had sex, or anything like that ... yet." After saying that she sucks your cock into her mouth, wrapping her lips around it while she still strokes it. She looks you straight in the eyes while sucking you and you almost immediately come inside her mouth. She never stops sucking and even swallows all of your cum. She's never done that before and you wonder why she's doing it now.

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