I’d been working on the house for a few hours that day. The owner, an acquaintance who owned a bunch of houses, a property investor, had taken to living in this one even though it wasn’t finished. It was a nice house, and would end up being a real beaut. The owner had turned up in the late afternoon with a friend, a blonde lady in a blue summer dress, with blue eyes and a lascivious look on her face. The dress was short and her legs long and pale. There were some drinks in the offing so we drank in the front room, there wasn’t furniture anywhere else. Everything about the woman said ‘I want to fuck’. She noticed my direct gaze and spread her legs to reveal pink panties with wisps of blonde/auburn pubes around the edges, all framed by her pale skin. I knew the guy was twisted so I moved on her, sitting next to her and French kissing her eager red mouth while I rubbed her panties until they were sopping wet with her juices. She took the panties off and I pulled down my trousers. We had a great fuck, her blue summer dress bunched up around her waist with her tits hanging out the top. She panted and moan and writhed. There was no question of pulling out when the time came, she wanted to feel me ejaculate deep inside her. She cried out as it happened. The property guy just sat there in the corner watching the whole time. I just forgot about the guy in the heat of passion.

I went to the fridge after to grab another drink, and as I walked back I heard a snatch of conversation. “But you wanted me to fuck him” she said. “Yeah, but you weren’t supposed to enjoy it that much” he snapped.

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