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"Looking for a Bull"
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A bbc male had messaged us here on KWS. We exchanged a few messages and we were keen on finding a more regular male, bbc bull to be exact. We shared some photos, some emails and messages and had a date to meet purely for a meet and greet, no play. The date rolled around and he arrived and let’s call him M to protect privacy. He was very dark skinned, dressed immaculately and although not tall , was fit and took care in his appearance. We shared some drinks and chats outside on a summer evening. And he was very keen on my hotwife, as he could not keep his eyes off her. And the mood relaxed after a couple of drinks too. I said to my wife, “why don’t you take your top off so he can see your amazing tits” and she did just this. Our new friend, M then boldly touched, squeezed and licked them for a while. “Why not take your yoga pants off too, so M can see a bit more?” My wife did this. M then moved his attention to massaging and running his hands all over her body as she laid down on our sofa. He paid a lot of attention too. She was face down, ass up. He was working those hands, up and down, up and down, clearly excited as he was rock hard next to her as he did this. “You guys look amazing, I like it” I said. I then went to refill my drink. When I returned..... M was on top of my wife rubbing his cock between her arse cheeks. It was only then that I thought how big he was in cock and build pressing down on my lady. She was gyrating her hips going with his motions but she was pissed off. She looked at me and without a word of a lie she said, “I thought this was just a meet and greet....what the fuck....” That was really awkward as she was right. I guess I fumbled and fudged a respond and said he is our guest, we did invite him, let’s see where this goes. “Fuck you” she said. “You said it was just a get to know this fella.....”. The next thing I knew she had let M penetrate her. She grinded, she creamed a lot too, as she was enjoying this although mega pissed at me. It got to 9pm and I had to go pick up our daughter from work and bring her home. M got dressed and I said good bye and he headed out the door as I left. I collected our daughter then came home. When my wife and I later went to bed she said....”so after you left M came back and knocked on the door, he said he forgot his phone, so I let him in. He then said when inside I was sexiest woman he had ever been with. I was pretty horny at this stage. He dropped his pants and told me to suck his big cock, so I did. He then bent me over the kitchen counter and fucked me, and as he did this I was thinking fuck my husband, it’s his fault this happened, so I let him fuck me hard and cum in me. Then I licked him clean. Because I knew you and our daughter would be on your way home I told him he better go, so he did start to leave. It as we gave a quick embrace before he left, I felt his hard cock. I made him pull it out and then slap it across my face and tits. I sucked it hard and I was going to more but then I thought you and daughter were not far I told him to go.” “That’s incredibly exciting....what would you have done if there was more time?” I asked. “He could have done as he wished” she said.

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