Written by DickandJane


Jane and I had always talked about a threesum with another male. It ignited her curiosity and certainly left her more than a little turned on by the thought of it.

Jane is an attractive blonde with curves in all the right places. She looks fantastic in lingerie and has quite the collection. We changed our profile to include single males, and sat back and watched the approaches. We decided to post a few extra pictures to entice a suitable male, and that she would be in total charge of the selection and type of person she was after. Her choice was a good looking younger male, over 6 foot tall, a nice sized cock and a good body. She is a very attractive woman and she wasn’t going to lower her standards.

She received quite a few messages of varying degrees of quality. From the obligatory dick pic and a one sentence request, to elaborate approaches with some quite detailed plans. She received a message from a male we’ll call Mike. Mike was around ten years younger, very fit with a great body, and a good looking in his pictures. Messages were swapped and the chat moved to kik as it was quicker. They chatted, swapped pics, swapped naughtier pics, talked dirty and finally hatched a plan to meet. It was so hot to sit next to my wife on the couch and watch her get chatted up and turned on by a complete stranger. She certainly enjoyed his detailed plans of what he was going to do to her. It certainly paid dividends in our sex life after they chatted. Jane was horny and looking forward to her date.

The night came quickly and she decided she would meet her new man at a local bar on her own. She dressed to kill, wearing her favourite lingerie under a stunning dress. I couldn’t help feel a little bit jealous as I waved her off to go and meet hopefully her new lover. The plan was that after a couple of drinks, she would text me to tell me if she was bringing him home or not.

She text me when she got there saying he was nice and just at the bar getting them a drink. She said she was nervous, but she thought he was better looking than his pictures. She text me back 3 or 4 times over the next hour, saying there were having fun, talking dirty, and sharing a laugh. I was very turned on by the thought of my wife getting chatted up in a bar and talking sex with a stranger. Then I received the text I was waiting for. She was bringing him home to meet me. Shit just got real.

They entered the house soon after and I agreed that Mike was a good looking young man with a great body. He was very nervous, as we all were. We fixed a drink and went in the lounge to chat. Mike and Jane sat on the couch together and I sat the chair across from them. The conversation moved quickly to sexual likes, and Jane mentioned she loved kissing, and that to get any further he had to be a good kisser. I chipped in with, “You may as well find out now”. And no sooner as I said it they were passionately kissing each other right in front of me.

Wow, talk about a turn on. I could feel my cock grow as I watched these two make out in front of me. His hands wandered all over her body and it wasn’t long before his hands were inside her dress groping and playing with her amazing tits. All the time she was rubbing what looked like a large cock on top of his jeans.

She stood up and let her dress drop to the ground. She stood in front of him in a gorgeous blue outfit that had both of our cocks straining against our jeans. He said he liked what he saw, but wished she was wearing the red outfit from her pictures. She asked if he wanted to see it, and duly left to change. Mike turned to me and complimented Jane. He asked me if there’s anything he’s not allowed to do, and told me he couldn’t wait to see her naked.

When she walked back in in the red outfit, both our jaws nearly dropped. She looked stunning as she stood there even now wearing matching high heels. Mike immediately said he’d love to see her with her bra off, and I moved next to Mike on the couch to encourage it. To my surprise, Jane said, “I’ll take my bra off if you two take your pants off”. How could we not agree to that as we stripped off our jeans leaving us both sitting there in our underwear. Jane slowly removed her bra and revealed her amazing tits. Rubbing them she walked over and gave Mike a deep passionate kiss. His hands were all over her tits, squeezing them and playing with her fully erect nipples. Her hand rested on Mikes bulge in his pants, and at that stage Jane lowered herself to her knees in front of him and slowly pulled his underwear down.

To her surprise, she was presented with a rock hard 8-9 inch cock. She looked at me and said wow. She lowered her head and engulfed his cock with her mouth. She loves sucking cock and was clearly enjoying her new toy boy. I was sat next to them enjoying the show, when her hand reached across and pulled my cock out and started stroking it. She then swapped cocks and lowered her mouth onto mine. There is nothing hotter than watching a woman take two cocks right in front of you. Mike moved down to the floor beside her and immediately started playing with her very wet pussy as she bent over to please me. She turned to Mike and said, “Let’s take this party to the bedroom as I need to be fucked”. What a turn on to her my wife say these words to a complete stranger.

Once upstairs we all stripped off and took to the bed. Jane was in her element in the middle of a man sandwich. Skin touching her on both sides as she held two cocks, took it on turns to kiss two men, and had her body explored by 4 hands. After a fair bit of sucking, kissing and licking. Mike asked if he could fuck her, and she immediately agreed. He moved his monster cock above her in missionary position and entered her very wet pussy with one big push. She gasped as she took it all in, and the view of her legs wrapped around him was almost to much for me to take. What a sight. They kissed passionately as they fucked, and I could see her rhythm getting faster and faster. She was moaning “yes” and “that’s it”. It was such a turn on to see her pussy stretched and be dominated by such a big cock. She moaned and said she was cumming. In all of our adventures, no other man had been able to make her cum before with his cock. Mike certainly knew how to use his. She shuddered to an amazing orgasm as she felt him deeper and deeper into her pussy.

Mike rolled off her and asked if he could cum all over her tits. She eagerly agreed as she likes them covered. She looked at me and asked me to do the same. It was so hot to see her naked body lie there all used under us as we quickly wanked our cocks on either side of her. Mike was first to shoot an amazingly large load all of her tits, and as she cleaned off his cock with her mouth I followed quickly. What a site this was. My hot wife lying there covered in cum having been used by two guys. It was all about her, and she loved it.

We’ll never forget our first MFM, and certainly won’t forget Mike. Our sex life after that was explosive, and I couldn’t wait to see her in the position again.