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It was my wife's 35th birthday and I decided to do something a bit different this year. We went out of town and traveled to Christchurch where I had booked us a private airbnb apartment. We went out to dinner first then came back to the apartment to finish off our half empty bottle of wine we had started on earlier. As I opened a second bottle of wine the doorbell rang, my wife looking puzzled got up and answered. At the door there was a police man, he asked my wife if her name was xxxx xxxxxxx to which she responded yes that is me. He asked to come inside and then directed her to take a seat.

I greeted the officer as my wife shot a worried stare across the room at me. He reached into the duffle bag he was carrying with him and pulled out a UE Boom, as he messed with his phone the music started to play and he quickly jumped into dance mode, I walked over to my wife and whispered in her ear, "happy birthday" and "I love you", i then moved back to the other couch in the room to give her some space to enjoy the show. The shocked look didn't subside from my wifes face, she's never actually seen a strip show before and i'd sprung this on her with no warning, she didn't know where to look as this stranger began to seductively dance and strip just for her. As he made his way through the five songs I had paid for more and more clothing came off, my wife's eyes transfixed on his chiseled body and bulging muscles with the odd glance across at me to see if i was watching her. As the third song began this guy was wearing nothing but a g-string which didn't cover a lot and his bouncing bulge was hypnotizing for my wife, by the beginning of the fourth song he whipped his thong off revealing a really thick 9 inch cock, my wife was no longer checking in with me and continued to stare at his cock in awe. I can only imagine what dirty thoughts were running through her head.

The fifth song came on and he moved as close as he could to my wife swinging his cock directly infront of her face giving her an extreme close up view of every vein and contour on his magnificent cock. The song ended, my wife snapped out of it and regained eye contact with me. I asked him if he could do a couple more songs and he agreed to do them at half price. The sixth song started and he grabbed my wife's hands and guided them across his body from his pecks down to his hips where he left them to sit, he then grabbed some more oil and lathered up his cock slowly right in front of her face, he then guided her left hand slowly toward his groin. He fingers now rested at the base of his cock her thumb pressed against his tight balls. She began to massage his balls with her thumb and tighten her grip around the base of his cock, she glance across at me sheepishly and I nodded my head in approval. She then reached out with her second hand and placed it around the slippery head and gave it a few slow strokes then released it as the song ended. He returned to his bag quickly to retrieve something for the last song as the music began he revealed a can of whipped cream and in an instant he applied a dollop to the tip of his cock and dangled it once again in her face, she took the can off him and lined another 4 inches on the top of his cock with cream then without hesitation she engulfed his cock into her mouth flicking her tongue around to get every bit of cream. I was so turned on, i moved over and sat next to her immediately cupping her breasts and flicking her nipples, she never removed his cock from her mouth and continued to work her head backwards and forwards.

The last song ended and our stripper decided to sit down on the couch, my wife got up and knelt between his legs continuing to bob her head up and down slurping away. I got behind her and removed her underwear from under her dress then folded the dress onto her back to give me the perfect view of her ass and soaking wet pussy. She turned and looked at me then stood up and removed her dress, i had no idea what she was doing until she planted a knee on the couch either side of our strippers waist, I quickly asked if he had any condoms to which he replied "nope", there was no way I was going to stop her now and she grabbed his thick cock and rubbed the entrance to her pussy, i could now see her juices glistening on the tip of his cock until the head of his cock disappeared inside of my wife. She slowly worked it into her pussy up and down one little bit at a time until her pussy was all of the way down his shaft. I couldn't believe how full her pussy looked with that girthy monster buried inside her, with every withdraw her lips gripped around his cock not wanting to let go before her hips came back down impaling her again. I had the best view in the house as she twerked her ass reaching orgasm after orgasm, she'd never been filled like this before and she was loving it. As she started to approach her third orgasm he took a firm grip on her ass and started to thrust his hips upwards faster and faster, when he reached orgasm she knew she was going to have to climb off of him. He signaled he was about to come but her knee slipped into the crack of the couch and half his cock was still inside her when spurt after spurt was pumped into her pussy, eventually she withdrew but the damage was done and thick globs of come flowed out of her pussy and down his shaft. Because she hadn't quite cum she decided she might as well finish off by grabbing his cock again and planting it right back in her pussy, this pushed more cum out of her pussy and his cock was white with a mix of juices as she used his fat member to climax again. Once finished she stayed still for a minute with his cock still buried to the hilt until she eventually rolled over on the couch where she sat legs wide apart with cum built up all around her pussy with a steady stream flowing out of her red gaping opening. So turned on with my cock in my hand i climbed on top of her lifeless spent body and buried my cock in her, the feeling of her cum lubed hole was amazing and i only lasted a minute or so before i too pumped my load deep inside her.

By this time the stripper had his clothes back on and was waiting by the door. He signaled to me "money", and I realized still needed to pay him, I thought he may have given me a discount but nope I just handed over $400 for a guy to fuck my wife bare back. I wonder if he will be around next year...

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