It was a Thursday night and I was heading through Auckland so decided to visit an adult theatre I had heard about. I put on my school girl outfit complete with fishnets and black satin panties hidden under lose jeans and a hoody. I put a blonde wig in my bag. I arrived, paid and walked in.

It was dark. Porn was playing. In the front left row was an older larger Indian man, a bit behind him a much younger fitter young white guy. I move straight down the front one seat over from the older guy and in front of the younger guy. It's a cheer leader porno. I ask the older guy does he like the uniforms

"Um yea." he says, I undo my fly showing him my skirt

"Mmm nice." he says

"Do you want to see more?"

" Mmm." he says.

I undo my jeans take off my hoody and slip on my wig.

"Oh yes." he says.

I glance over my shoulder the young guy has just seen, he creeps closer over, I slide over and sit straight on the old guys knee. I feel his bugle , I side back a bit and undo his fly. His short fat cock springs out. I spit on my hand and wrap it around his cock slowly wanking him,,..