Stimulate my mind first ...

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I am of course, a single girl interested in meeting only certain types of men. I'm strict on my criteria. He would be European (Caucasian), aged well above 50 years old (I like men who are a lot older than me), well educated, articulate, with good taste. He will not be covered in tattoos, he will not have piercings, and he will dress well.

As far as sex is concerned. I have little or no interest after all I've been through. I would have to actually be in love, and that would be new for me as I've never been in love or experienced romance before. Goodness, I don't know what that even looks like. I would like to find out though, one day.

I would prefer talking to people who are local to me.

I'd also prefer, if I was to meet someone, it would be in a cafe in town.