traveling around NZ, meeting new people

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Hi, my partner and I are travelling around NZ at the moment so our location gets updated (we are in Queenstown now :). We would love to meet new people. We have been in long relationship. We love each other and yet we are adventurous too. We are looking for a straight or a lesbian couple for talking, chatting and hopefully having some fun. I (female) am bisexual and my partner (male) is straight. We are looking for respectful couple who have a solid relationship as well. I am 36 and my partner is 39 and we’re looking for somehow similar age, somewhere between 33 to 45 so no older or younger please.

1- Privacy is extremely important for us. We only meet those who respect our privacy so no social networking, not publicising what so ever.

2- We are very gentle and respectful in our private relations so no violent sex, no drugs or drunken sex, etc.

3- No singles (male or female) please.

4- We can talk on QeeeQ (you know how to write it) under the same name. We would like to talk and exchange photos online first, then catch up for a drink and chat about everything and if ALL four of us would agree we can go for it.

looking forward to hearing back from you