Age is advantage.

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Please, don’t automatically discount someone, as a potential Playmate, simply because they are older than you, maybe much older than you… perhaps even a Middle Aged person!

Sure, we may not be as athletic or as limber as we once were. However, we, of that species known as Middle Aged, can be genuinely wonderful sex-friends. We are blessed with the benefits born of our many years... knowledge, understanding, and long practiced physical skills, can make for a unique beauty and ecstasy :-)

Unencumbered by raging hormones, coupled with inexperience, a Middle Aged person is not going to provide one of those awkward fumbled rushed experiences. A Middle Aged being is going to be focused, paced, skilled, and have a genuine desire to give pleasure – as opposed to simply being driven by selfish need and desire to ‘get themselves off’.

And, for those of you who are at the start of your Sex Life… an ‘older person’ can provide you with an education which a younger person simply just cannot.

Youth may give the world its energy, but it is age which gives it its character and soul :-)