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Attention Single Males!

Due to the nature of our venue, it is highly important that we vet the single males wishing to attend Club Risqué Events. We are primarily a swingers club venue (wife swapping etc) that also caters to specific FetLife and private events. Fetlife events are generally private hires who have their own vetting process in place – some choose to use our vetting system. 

For Club Risqué events, especially those catering towards the Swingers Community, it is imperative that we ensure all guests who attend feel safe and comfortable. Most of our guests are Couples, some of which have been in the community for a while, others who are just starting out. Single males who wish to join these events must meet certain criteria to ensure that the environment is kept safe, happy and playful. 

Single men who come in to have a quick play and leave (just there for a quick bang) leave our guests feeling used (for someone else's sexual gratification) rather than embracing and being part of the lifestyle and wanting to meet and play with likeminded individuals/couples. This is not the atmosphere we wish to harness or encourage; we are not a brothel. This is a NO SEX event. Please note if you are just after a quicky, there are the lovely ladies who can serve you down the road. Risqué is for those leading the alternative lifestyle, be it fetish/kink or swinging.

This is a FREE event where you will need a Player Handle* (whether Kiwiswingers/FetLife or another distinctive username you would like to use) for entering you into our system.  Attending this event does not guarantee you Vetted Male status. Please remember that how you present yourself and address other attendees has a big effect on whether we believe you would be an amazing addition to any party.  This is your chance to meet us, explore the venue and see if the scene is right for you. We want to know why you’re interested in the scene, how you got into it, if you’ve been to parties before or if you’re a true first-timer!

Once the Meet and Greet are over, those who have been vetted are eligible to attend events where Vetted Single Males are permitted (ratio permitting). You may attend more than one meet and greet, especially if it is a meet and greet specific to an event coming up that you wish to attend, ie. Gangbang.